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Give Blood

Give back and give blood. The life-force of all animals is blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients to our organs and keeps us alive. However, there is not enough blood to sustain all life. Burn victims, cancer patients, and surgeries all require blood from an outside source. Some of us […]


Jack and the Bear

photo by Jordan Wilson      “The greatest thing you’ll ever see, probably.”   A local family band with a genre that can only be described as “theatrical rock”  with “vaudevillian tendencies.  Producer and drummer Adam Schreiber talked to me about their sound and background.   “We are three siblings […]


The Umbrella Academy Episode Recap

I'm Brandon Norman and this is my recap of episodes from The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. S1:E1 We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals Episode 1 starts off with a mystery. In 1989, 43 women get pregnant and give birth within the same hour all in the same […]


Importance of butterflies, pollination focus of Earth Day Expo

Mason Central Elementary School students used tissue paper to create a butterfly for the “Scaled Wings at Work” project on display Saturday during the Earth Day Expo at MCCC. (Photo by Vanessa Ray) Going green may have been the focus of Saturday’s Earth Day celebration, but a kaleidoscope of rainbows […]


Earth Day Expo draws crowd

Community members young and old came to the Earth Day Expo 2019. The Earth was the star of the show at the Earth Day Expo 2019. Visitors to the Gerald Welch Health Education Building today could walk among booths manned by area companies and organizations and learn about the environment. […]


Images and honors take center stage

Students listen as other students read and talk about their pieces for Images. Artists, authors and honors students showed off their work April 10 in an Images reveal party and an honors programs showcase, respectively. Students with work published in the latest edition of MCCC’s literary magazine had the chance […]


Last chance for free tax help

MCCC graduate Kristine Skinkiss (left) has her taxes prepared by MCCC student Kathleen Arnold.                          Photo by Vanessa Ray The April 15 deadline for filing taxes is less than three weeks away. To avoid being possibly audited, you can […]


Michigan gets the munchies

There’s more to marijuana edibles than just pot brownies. Edibles are essentially any consumable product containing marijuana. Edibles are now legal in Michigan, and they are regulated in the state. But this raises a variety of questions for people on both sides of the aisle. Not all edibles will get […]


Early Childhood Education program grows up

MCCC’s Early Childhood Education program has been included in a $1.25 million grant from the University of Toledo.  Early Childhood Education professor Felice Moorman began teaching at MCCC in January 2012 and cares for the program she has since helped grow.  “This grant helps better prepare our program students to […]


College makes strides toward gender-neutral bathrooms

 Signs like this one have been placed by bathrooms across campus.                           Photo by Carla Cohen   Some LGBTQ students have expressed concern for their safety on the MCCC campus, leading administratrs to start plans for gender-neutral bathrooms. An […]