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Claire Bacarella

Throughout my learning career, I have always excelled at reading and writing. But it is truly the support from my various English teachers that sparked my passion for storytelling. I am pursuing a degree in Journalism because I am a firm believer being educated about the world around you. News […]


Savannah Howard

Hey MCCC! My name is Savannah, and this is my first semester being a member of the Agora. I’m currently majoring in cybersecurity and plan on getting a career in tech. So far I like my major and have had a good experience at MCCC. After graduating with my associates […]


Marie Underwood

Hi! My name’s Marie Underwood.  This is my third and final year at MCCC before transferring to CMU for their photojournalism program. While it’s my first semester with the Agora, I was on Dundee High School’s yearbook staff and served as a co-editor-in-chief for two of my four years there. […]


Hanna Nadeau

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” said Lewis Carroll in his 1865 novel Alice in Wonderland. One of those impossible things happened to be writing for the Agora. If someone would have told me that I would be invited to write for the school […]


Emma Marion

Hey, My name is Emma Marion!  The amount of time that I used to simply think of something seemingly interesting about myself is immense.  I’m just like any other nineteen year old girl. I love being outside, playing and listening to music, drawing, painting and writing. At a young age, […]


College newsletter aims to solve students’ email fatigue

“MCCC Happenings” is a new monthly newsletter created by the Enrollment Management and Student Success team. Vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Success Scott Behrens said the team produced it in an effort to reduce the volume of emails students receive. “Instead of inundating students with emails, I want […]