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College fitness center reopens

You can get grades and gains at MCCC. MCCC’s Fitness Center and Gym reopened Oct. 13 after being closed since the beginning of 2020 due to the pandemic. People have slowly started to come back and use the fitness center for their routine work-out place and the gym for games […]


Agora Staff Chats: Thanksgiving food

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the Agora staff is looking forward to our favorite dishes. Claire Bacarella My favorite dish on Thanksgiving are sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Particularly, my grandma makes the best ones. I even had to ask her to prepare some for a Thanksgiving potluck I am […]

Picture of canyon.

Native landscapes illustrate Indigenous culture

This version of the article clarifies Barbara Mauter’s status as a BGSU student while on this immersion trip. MCCC is in the midst of celebrating Native American Heritage Month with events and activities throughout the month of November.  Among these events was a Native Landscapes presentation. It was hosted by […]


Luke LaPrad returns home for MCCC concert

Smells won’t be the only thing drifting from the cafeteria at lunchtime. Student Government is hosting a ‘Tunes at Noon’ concert on Monday, November 29, 2021. The event starts at 11:30am in the A Building.  “Noon time concerts aren’t new,” said Tom Ryder, Student Government Advisor. “Each year we bring […]


Intramural Sports Club holds first meeting
Photo Gallery

The Intramural Sports Club held its first official meeting Nov. 16 in the MCCC gymnasium.  Advised by Lori Jo Couch, the group brainstormed future events and possible sports for the club. President Doug Roderick, Vice President Levi Couch, Treasurer Kline Peare and Secretary Sydney Spicer were elected club officers among […]


The Forum: Episode Four
Presley Bergmooser

The Forum is an interview show where we get to know a student from MCCC. It is scheduled to run at 6pm on Saturdays and 11am on Tuesdays Comcast channels 21 and 916 and Charter channel 187. The station is also livestreaming its content.


Agora staff chats: TV shows

When the Agora staff gets a chance to escape our busy lives, these are the TV shows we choose to immerse ourselves in. Claire Bacarella Currently, I am watching the TV show “Ordinary Joe.” It airs on Mondays on NBC and you can also stream it on Peacock. This is […]


“No playbook on pandemic”
College vaccination policy in development

Adults who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized compared to vaccinated adults, according to a study conducted this year. MCCC President Kojo Quartey’s mother was affected by these hospitalizations from the pandemic.  “Because she had a stroke, she needed to be hospitalized, but […]