Author: Mick Valentino


DTE partners with MCCC on new light fixtures

MCCC has partnered with DTE and their Community Lighting Program on a project to replace and/or install new lighting fixtures on campus with new LED alternatives.  “The majority of the existing light poles were replaced, but there were some that we reused, however with those new heads were installed,” Jack […]


Newsroom rights violated in careless act of ‘concern’

Our editor sits, crying alone, hidden in the privacy of the newsroom on an almost empty Friday morning.  It was Friday, March 22. Maggie Sandefur had a particularly harsh morning and was hoping for some peace and quiet away from the world.  The door to the newsroom opens and she’s […]


GSA set to hold annual Pride Party

Anticipate conversation, community and contentment at this year’s annual Pride Party. The MCCC Gender & Sexuality Alliance will hold the event on Friday, April 12 from 5-10 p.m. in the Cellar.  Since at least 2015, the Pride Party has been a spring tradition for the GSA. “The GSA created a […]


Bathroom access protest bleeds ignorance

I had no high hopes or great expectations for this Board of Trustees meeting. All I knew was that I was going to have to sit through argument after argument based on nothing but irrationality and prejudice from protesters. The larger-than-usual crowd that gathered for the meeting on Jan. 22 […]


Mick Valentino

This is my second year at MCCC and my first semester with the Agora. I’m currently working on my Associate of Science degree. After I finish up here, I am hoping to go to Eastern Michigan University or Wayne State University for either mortuary science or forensic pathology. Outside of […]