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Red Wings drop series with St. Louis

The Detroit Red Wings had a homecoming of sorts to mark the beginning of the regular season.Because Detroit has eight Swedish-born superstars such as Nicklas Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg, they were selected to play two games against their division rival St. Louis Blues at Ericsson Globe, in Stockholm, Sweden Oct. […]


Hideous and Perfect Review

The latest addition to the Angelspit discography, Hideous and Perfect brings a new sound to the playing field. Angelspit is an industrial/electronic body music band from Sydney, Australia.  The band consists of ZooG and DestroyX, two artists that often combine cyberpunk, horror and medical imagery. While Hideous and Perfect feels very familiar, […]


Daisy Review

Brand New has always put out a new sound that blows listeners away with every track. Daisy keeps you on your toes through every minute. The thought-provoking sounds and lyrics didn’t fail the band’s loyal fan base, retaining the signature sound, while tossing in some new elements to make the […]


MCCC takes precautions for H1N1 virus

A new H1N1 flu vaccine will be available soon, in anticipation of a possible outbreak of the virus this fall. When the virus was detected in the U.S. in April 2009, it was called “swine flu.” This was because tests showed that many of the genes were similar to the […]


Enrollment hits 4,600

MCCC has once again achieved record enrollment for the Fall 2009 semester.This was accomplished despite a record number of students cancelling for non-payment and the recent switch from credit hours to contact hours. “This is the first year that MCCC had over 4,600 for a final head count,” Paul Schmidt, […]


College smoking policy moves students to parking lots

As of Aug. 1, smoking is prohibited on campus grounds and is only allowed in the parking lots.   Many students tend to forget the new policy when they light up.If students are caught smoking on campus grounds, they will be given a friendly reminder that smoking is restricted to the […]


Tae Kwon Do improves focus

While discussions of handguns permitted on Michigan College campuses for protection are raising some eyebrows, MCCC currently offers Tae Kwon Do as an art of self-defense. Whether you’re into losing weight, adding strength, gaining self-confidence or maybe you just need a physical education credit, Tae Kwon Do can provide personal […]


Bill would allow guns on campuses

A recently introduced Senate bill could allow college students, staff and faculty in Michigan to carry a concealed weapon onto campuses and into classrooms. Senate Bill 747, proposed by Sen. Randy Richardville, R- Monroe, would eliminate Michigan college campuses and dormitories from the exemption list of premises where concealed […]


Remembering our nation’s heroes

Many people forget there still are wars going on in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. I myself tend to forget that there are people overseas risking their lives just so I can go about doing whatever I want.This war didn’t affect me emotionally until someone I knew was killed. One […]


Middle College opens on MCCC campus

There are 38 high school freshmen at MCCC this fall beginning their studies in health care. Monroe County Middle College is here.  It’s a bridge program for high school students interested in the health care field. “It’s really exciting to be in the non-normal school setting.  It’s the greatest educational […]