Glory to God 1%

Doctors told Brock Mealer there was a 99 percent chance that he would never walk again, but his mother gave him hope by believing he could.

Brock had severe injuries in a car accident on Christmas Eve in 2007. His father and girlfriend died in the accident.

Brock’s brother is Michigan offensive lineman Elliot Mealer.

Starting in October 2009, Brock worked with the Michigan football trainers.

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez and trainer Mike Barwis set a goal for Brock to walk through the tunnel on the first day of the season.

“It has driven me, everyday that I’m in there when I’m watching that countdown clock to the first game against Uconn,” Brock told WTKA 1050.

As Brock took small steps to the “Go Blue” banner, wearing a shirt that read “Glory to God 1%”, the crowd applauded loudly and never let up.

As he reached the destination point, he touched the “Go Blue” banner and there was a last ovation from the crowd.

“I thought it was inspirational,” Michigan fan Dan Snyder said.

Brock is the first Ohio State student to touch the banner since 1973, when it was pulled down in a vicious manner by Ohio State football players.

Brock is currently a graduate student at Ohio State University.

Brock had always followed the Buckeye’s closely when he grew up, but now he has had a change of heart since he has begun training at Michigan.