Governor race fails to inspire students

As the Michigan governor’s race heats up in the polls, the reaction among students at MCCC seems to be falling flat.

Current Governor Granholm is ineligible for re-election this term due to term limits. This leaves the spot open for a new person, new beliefs and ideas, and possibly a new Michigan.

The Republicans will be running former Gateway executive Rick Snyder.

According to an online discussion between Jerry Zandstra, the president of the Pro-Life Federation, and Rick Snyder posted on rightmichigan.com, Snyder is a moderate Republican; he is pro-life, except in the case of rape and incest, does not support gay marriage, but believes that gay and lesbian couples can enter into arrangements other than marriage, and supports the second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Snyder introduced himself to voters as “one tough nerd,” and plans to use his experiences at Gateway to create clean-energy jobs. He has gained the votes of many independent voters by focusing on fixing the economy and his desire to clean up the environment.

“We need to reinvent Michigan” Snyder says in one ad.

In the running against Snyder is the former mayor of Lansing, Democrat Virg Bernero.

According to his campaign website, votevirg.com, he will use his experiences as mayor of Lansing to both clean up the environment, by focusing on alternative means of fuel, as well as creating more jobs in the state by supporting small businesses and embracing the advanced manufacturing capabilities the state has to offer.

He is pro-choice, and he feels that the choice to have an abortion is very personal and is best made by the woman and her family, and also supports gay and lesbian rights.

Bernero has earned the support from the LGBT community as well as union members and this may have contributed to his win during the primaries.

But whether either of these candidates, or any candidate for that matter, will have the votes of MCCC students is yet to be seen.

While I am sure that many students at MCCC are very interested in what is going on with politics and the upcoming governor’s race, others choose to remain blissfully ignorant about it.

When asked their opinions on the governor’s race the common answers among MCCC students seemed to be

“I’m not interested in politics” or “I don’t care.”

This needs to change. This country was founded on the basis that the people should decide what the government should do rather than its leaders in the government alone, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died throughout history protecting this cause.

One of these two men is going to be elected, and for the next four years any decisions he makes, involving anything from the economy, environment, gay rights, abortion and taxes is going to affect every single resident of Michigan.

Now is the time to take action and to start caring about what is going on with this race. On Nov. 2 after the votes are tallied, the new governor will be elected; if you don’t like it, and you did not vote you cannot complain.

Every single member of American society, eighteen and older, has the chance to have a voice, to vote. Many of our grandparents have died to protect this right, which many of us have taken for granted. Take the initiative now, get educated, get registered, and vote.