New student body president elected

Holly Self was elected as the student body president for this school year.

The Student Government election was held Oct.  5. Seats open for student government included the president and vice president slots, secretary and treasurer, as well as Co-Liaisons, and Co-Historians.

According to Holly Self, the election was announced at the Welcome Back Barbeque, which took place on Sept. 14. Anyone who wanted to run went to an introductory meeting in the Student Government room, located in The Cellar.

The candidates were nominated by everyone at the meeting, then a paper ballot was given out.

Along with Self as the new president, the new vice president is Jimmy Dean Frye Jr. Brooke Sweeney took the Secretary position. Nathan Lyke will be in charge of finances this year as the treasurer. Courtney Salliotte and Christopher Holmes share the Co-Liaisons positions, and elected Co-Historians are Paula Anders and Travis Durkin.

Self said Student Government is here for the students.

“Contact us if you have a question, concern, opinion or idea,” she said. “We are here to help you. We can get something done.”