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Proposed ceiling on contact hours rejected

The Board of Trustees rejected a proposed ceiling on contact hours at their meeting Monday night. Trustee Linda Lauer proposed a ceiling on contact hours at the board meeting on Jan. 25.  The ceiling would limit the number amount of extra tuition students paid because of of contact hours. Since […]


Shutter Island Review

Subtle hints to the truth and disorienting drug-induced dream scenes fill the two hours and 18 minutes of the film “Shutter Island.” I finished reading “Shutter Island,” the novel by Dennis Lehane that the film was based on, days before the movie’s original October release date. The original release date […]


Nuclear program receives $200,000

By Danny Shaw U.S. Rep. John Dingell visited MCCC Thursday to announce new funding for the college’s nuclear engineering technology program. The $200,000 federal earmark, sponsored by Dingell (D-Dearborn), will help the college establish its own nuclear engineering program. According to Dingell, the benefits of the new program will reach […]


United States in the lead with 12 medals

Entering the fifth day of competition in the 2010 Winter Olympics, the United States is in the lead with 12 medals won. “So far, we’re in the lead. I think we will win the most medals. It’s close to home, too, and we do have people rooting for the U.S. […]


Commercials this year disappoint viewers

#8220;You’re not you, when you’re hungry”. One of the first commercials during the Super Bowl leads off as one of the best; a football scrimmage takes place as a player turns into Betty White and is pummeled, because he hasn’t had his snicker bar yet.Super Bowl commercials are a favorite, […]


Angel-filled apocolypse fails to impress audience

What happens when the one person that you can turn to when hope is gone, has already lost hope himself? What happens when God wants you dead? God has lost faith in mankind and is calling for extermination.This is description of the new release, “Legion”, sounds pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, this […]


Learning Bank holds grand opening

Who wouldn’t want to do something great? The founders of the Learning Bank were able to; they created an opportunity to give individuals a second chance. The Learning Bank is a secondary school allowing students, who dropped out of high school, a chance to come back and achieve their GED and […]


Enhancement grants awarded to college groups

Eleven enhancement grants were awarded Thursday to employees and students at MCCC.  The grants, totaling $20,000, came from the MCCC Foundation’s Enhancement Grants Program.  The program helps faculty, staff, and students by providing funding for innovative projects that support MCCC and enrich or improve the quality of education for students. […]