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Woltmann extension denied, reinstated

Jack Woltmann was the only retiree from MCCC to receive a one year extension, but temporarily his extension was denied by the Michigan Office of Retirement Services because of late paperwork. Woltmann, the associate professor of Respiratory Therapy, said he originally intended to retire in two more years, but the […]


Controversial mosque reveals prejudice

On Sept. 11, 2001, I was a 7-year-old girl sitting cross-legged in front of my living room TV. I didn’t fully grasp what the World Trade Center really was, or what those fiery explosions would mean for America’s future. All I could really figure out, as the second plane hit, […]


The Agora wants to hear from students

I never thought that my second year at Monroe County Community College would be so different from the first. Last year was my first at MCCC, and when I started school in the fall I had no clue what to expect or what I wanted to do with my time […]


Effects of texting law visible in Monroe County

Since July 1, Michigan drivers can be pulled over and ticketed for text-messaging while driving. Monroe County Sheriff Tilman L. Crutchfield said one ticket has been issued since the effective date, but that doesn’t mean the new law isn’t working. “Visually I have seen quite a difference,” Crutchfield said. “In […]


Athens Agora great inspiration for MCCC Agora

In the shade under a hundreds-year-old olive tree, with a breeze blowing from the nearby Aegean Sea, the Greek sun loses its bite. You can sit back and let the marble and granite ruins, spread in a park-like setting across the hillside, blur in your mind, allowing your subconscious to […]


Summer movie round-up

Toy Story 3 By Danny Shaw Pixar has again proved it is Hollywood’s most reliable film studio by giving theatergoers another pitch-perfect film. “Toy Story 3” might be the most epic and heartening movie this summer. Combining that classic Pixar charm, topnotch animation, and all the characters we’ve grown to […]


Strong Big 10 launches new season

Teams in the Big Ten will be entering the season with momentum, coming off success in the postseason last year. Big Ten teams have been criticized for their bowl performances in recent years, but they finished last season 4-3, and were just a few points from a perfect record. This […]


Bands, comedians coming to Meyer Theatre

This will be the seventh year that the Meyer Theatre has hosted performances for the community. Events coordinator Tom Ryder said he is satisfied with the schedule that the campus events committee put together this year. “I think we have a real solid line-up,” Ryder said. “My goal was always […]


Step increases reinstated to MCCC employees

President David Nixon and the Board of Trustees have decided to reinstate step increases to MCCC employees. In a recent e-mail Nixon sent to all support staff and administrators, he explained that the recent retirements at MCCC resulted in additional cash flow to the college’s 2010-2011 budget. The step increases […]