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MCCC’s Welding program to expand with donated property

The Board of Trustees plans to expand the welding program after accepting the donation of a building on Hurd Road. Plans for the property were discussed at the board meeting Monday night. The property was donated to MCCC by Pump Engineering LLC and its shareholders. It includes five acres of […]


Chewing added to MCCC tobacco ban beginning May 1

On May 1, the use of all tobacco products will be banned from MCCC’s campus. The Board of Trustees approved the revision of MCCC’s smoking policy at their meeting Monday night. The state of Michigan will eliminate smoking in public places after May 1, but the college’s ban is going […]


1300 attend annual Family Fun Night

Six-year-old Lily Self loved “going on the big slide, because you fly through the air when you go over the bump.” Four-year-old Alexcia Hearn agreed. “My favorite part was the blow-up slide,” she said. Nine-year-old Aleija Rodriguez enjoyed the carnival games. “We got here late,” he said. “But once I […]


MASS members ‘observe’ Earth Day

The Math and Science Society was lucky Earth Day had a clear night. On Earth Day, April 22, the MASS club members hosted the rededication of MCCC’s observatory and new deck. At around 8 p.m. math and science students, staff and other visitors ventured out to the observatory, located behind […]


Religious leaders discuss ‘why bad things happen’

A panel of diverse religious leaders held a thought-provoking discussion Thursday night on why bad things happen to good people. The panel discussion was part of the month-long Big Read event, and was sponsored by The Agora, MCCC’s student newspaper. Assistant editor Andrew Hoppert was the moderator. By the time […]


MCCC staff works on improving shared governance

The faculty, staff, and administration of MCCC took a step toward improved shared governance at an attendance-required meeting. College employees met in the La-Z-Boy center on Tuesday, April 13. MCCC President Dr. David Nixon reviewed the campus constitution and described different options for enhancing employee participation in the governance process. […]


Spring classes have pros and cons

Tired of not getting a parking space or having to stalk people out to their cars to get one? Well then, maybe you should take spring classes at MCCC. Spring Classes may sound great to those who don’t have a lot of time to get an education with smaller classes, […]


Stuck in Monroe: a New York retrospective

Going to New York might have been the worst thing I could have done at this point in my life–now I hate everywhere else. I experienced more cultural and financial diversity walking down one New York block than I have my entire life. You can walk 100 yards in any […]


Robinson, defense stand out in Michigan spring game

A cold day in Ann Arbor didn’t deter Michigan fans from entering The Big House Saturday to get a glimpse of what Michigan will exhibit this fall. The spring game kicked off with Denard Robinson starting at quarterback because of a lingering injury to last year’s starting quarterback, Tate Forcier. […]