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Faculty Association to request delay for president’s contract

The MCCC Faculty Association will request that the renewal of the college president’s contract be postponed tonight at the Board of Trustees meeting.        It is on the agenda that the contract of Dr. David Nixon will be renewed for a three-year extension, although his current contract does not […]


Board approves contract extension for Nixon

The MCCC Board of Trustees renewed the contract of President David Nixon for three years on a 6-0 vote, with Linda Lauer abstaining. Nixon’s contract, which was set to expire on July 31, 2010, will now be extended by three years. Mark Bergmooser, president of the MCCC Faculty Association, asked […]


Dr. James DeVries’ Comments to Board of Trustees – Dec. 2, 2009

Dear Trustees,      Some concern has been raised about the pending contract renewal for David Nixon.  I believe that David Nixon’s contract is not the real matter at hand. To reframe the issue: what this is really about is the Board’s manifest dyfunction. The specific matter on which you will […]


MCCC joins students in social-networking

You can now become an official “fan” of your school.MCCC joined the millions of users utilizing the social-networking site Facebook, setting up its very own Facebook page. The page boasts everything from current news releases to upcoming events. It contains pictures of the college’s Blues Brothers float from the 2009 […]


Is this it?

Almost everybody thinks the same thing when they hear his name—Michael Jackson. Images of an emotionally and physically scarred ghoul come to mind, a shadow of his former superstar self. That is why it came as such a shock when I saw “This Is It,” the archive footage of the […]


Modern Warfare 2 blows away expectations

Developer Infinity Ward is back with its sequel to one of 2007’s most renowned titles. In “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” players will shoot, stab, sprint and ‘nade their way through an intense, albeit short, single-player campaign and duke it out in online multiplayer in up to 18-player battles. […]


New snack shop treats Monroe

If someone were to walk to Cravings, downtown Monroe’s new snack shop, they would be greeted by a bright yellow store front with a hand-painted facade brought together with a seasonally decorated window front. Smells of chocolate and fudge fill the quaint sitting area just inside. The glass display counter […]


The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Review

It has been nearly 10 years since “The Boondock Saints” arrived in theaters. Now, writer/director Troy Duffy has brought the vigilante MacManus brothers back in an over-the-top sequel that quickly identifies itself as more of a fan service than a Hollywood blockbuster. Saints II starts off eight years after the […]


See MCCC’s Volleyball Club in action

MCCC’s Volleyball Club could have the home-team advantage on Dec. 5.  The college is hosting a volleyball tournament that Saturday, starting at 9 a.m.  “I love that we are sponsoring the tournament,” Amy Terrasi, Volleyball Club president, said. “It’s a great opportunity to host it, because it promotes our interest […]


Feasibility Study shows positive results

A feasibility study done for MCCC indicates the college could raise up to $10 million in a community fund-raising campaign. A special meeting of the MCCC Foundation Board of Directors was held on Nov. 17 to discuss the results of the feasibility study, which was conducted by the Clements Group. […]