Board of Trustees discusses proposed Career Technology Center

The MCCC Board of Trustees met today to discuss the progress, construction and management of the proposed Career Technology Center.

Several points were discussed, but no actions were taken or voted on at the meeting. The Board is expected to approve financing for the building at the next meeting scheduled for Monday.

Last month the state approved $8.5 million for the proposed building. The college has to come up with the remaining $8.5 million.

The construction is estimated to be completed in September 2012, but will most likely not be ready for students until the winter semester of that academic year. During the fall semester, several pieces of equipment will be moved from East and West Tech to the new building.

The college is planning a fundraising drive to pay a part of its share of the $17.5 million building. While a campaign drive hasn’t officially begun, two donations of a couple hundred dollars have been made in the name of the Career Technology Center, according to Suzanne Wetzel, the Vice President of Administration.

The Board discussed options for creating a stream of revenue to maintain the building. The possibilities that were touched on included raising tuition, passing a millage or charging a fee to students.

The Career Technology Center would become home to the Industrial Technology classes that are housed in the East and West Tech buildings. The building would ease the college’s space crunch and provide new facilities for students.

“We’re being held down by the space. We’re literally busting out of it,” said Dr. Grace Yackee, the Vice-President of Instruction.

The new building would help the college attract new students.

 “We’ll have a facility that is unmatched in the area,” Wetzel said.