AlertNow system informs students of opening status

MCCC has many ways for students and faculty to be notified of an emergency, such as a snow storm or power outage.

The primary method of announcing a school closure is the AlertNow System, which sends text messages, e-mails, and calls to everyone who is registered for the system.

The college also displays on its Web site when there is a closure or delay. And there is a number available to call for the campus status, 734-384-4223.

The AlertNow System has already been used once this semester. The college used the system to announce a two-hour delay on Jan. 12.

After the delay, the number of people registered for the AlertNow System increased, according to Randy Daniels, Vice President of Student and Information Services. There are now 4,264 people registered for the system.    

“This is the most we have had sign up for the system since it has been started,” Daniels said.

The AlertNow system was first launched last year. To register for the Alert Now, simply go on the college Web site and click on the AlertNow Notification link on the right hand side of the home page. Students should allow seven days for the information to be uploaded into the system.

When the system has an alert, the caller ID displays a 411 number and, if unanswered, leaves a voicemail. On Jan. 12, some people were unable to hear the message when the phone was answered, Daniels said.

In this case, he said, students or employees should press any number key on the phone (1-9) and the message will replay.

For the Jan. 12 delay, the system sent out around 3,800 emails, 5,500 voicemails, and 3,200 text messages, Daniels said. It took the system 20 minutes to send all of the messages.

The system will make four attempts at any number and/or e-mail given. For example, if there is only one number for a person, the system will attempt calling the number four times.

If someone also has registered an e-mail address, cell phone number and house number, the system will send an e-mail, call both numbers and send a text.

Daniels is in charge of deciding whether it is safe enough for students and faculty to come to campus.

“I drive around at 4:30 in the morning and talk with the maintenance guys at the college to see how the campus is looking,” Daniels said.

The AlertNow system only works if a person is registered, however. Also, the system does not delete the information when students leave MCCC. To stop receiving these alerts, students can go to the Web site and remove the information from the system.