TSA pat-downs are a necessary evil

The Travel Security Administration (TSA), part of the Department for Homeland Security, has been catching flack for their increased security measures at airports.

Many travelers have given their airport security horror stories to the news media. They complained of being “groped,” “fondled,” or “singled out.” These are all valid complaints that could make anyone irate. The solution to this problem lies with the passengers. Just don’t fly.

Passengers plead that their rights are being violated with the intense security, but I do not believe this is true. They subject themselves to the screenings when they purchase a plane ticket. It is not as if the TSA were searching pedestrians who happened to be walking down the sidewalk. That would be a violation of our rights.

Some passengers have filed sexual assault charges against specific security workers. Even though I believe that the pat-downs are legal, the workers could still be found guilty. It is inevitable that some lazy, unprofessional security workers are going to stray from their intended duty.

The TSA needs to have stricter guidelines for their workers to follow.  It is their responsibility to employ vigilant, educated security workers who will not use their job position for sinister actions.

America has too many homegrown enemies to have lackadaisical security measures. Not even a year ago, the Underwear Bomber flew into Detroit. The man lit a bomb concealed in his underwear as his plane landed on the runway. Luckily, he was the only one to be damaged.

Only a few weeks ago, the largest cache of explosives ever to be found in the U.S. was discovered in California. Regrettably, this invasive security practice is necessary.

If only the Department of Homeland Security would be this aggressive toward securing our borders, then I would be happy.