New Web site can help students get a job

The Workforce Development Office’s new online system, College Central Network, is drawing increasing numbers of MCCC students and faculty.

The network, which is intended to help students and alumni find employment, became active on Aug. 1, according to Heather Kipf, the administrative assistant for the Workforce Development Office.

“People seem to like the new way. They can basically do it on their own. They can submit a resume whenever they want, even at 2 a.m.,” Kipf said.

Since Aug. 1, 463 students have registered with the network, along with 137 alumni. The total number of jobs that have been posted is 141.

The network can be found at www.collegecentral.com/monroeccc. It allows students and alumni to search through various job postings, some centered in the Monroe area, and some nationwide.

Barry Kinsey, the director of workforce development, praises the capabilities of College Central.

“We love the new network. It is very user-friendly, so much more efficient. It opens up a lot of options to students,” Kinsey said.

Some of the services offered through College Central include videos instructing people on how to dress or how to prepare for a job interview, manuals on how to construct a resume, and an option that helps students create a career portfolio.

The way it works is employers have the ability to register with the College Central, and from that point on can view any resume that a student or alumnus files.

Kinsey thinks this technology will be very helpful, and believes the networking opportunity that it offers is essential to success.

“You probably won’t get a job out of the newspaper anymore. Networking is so important. I just might come across a job that someone might be interested in and I will send them an email,” Kinsey said.

One aspect of the network that current students may find helpful is that any vacant student assistant position on campus is listed there.

In order to apply for a student assistant position, a student must be registered with College Central Network.

There are roughly 40 positions on campus, but since they’re popular, they don’t stay vacant for long.

Kipf believes that the positions are good opportunities for students.

“They’re so great for students. They really work around your schedule,” Kipf said.

To apply, students may fill out a paper version in the office or can find an online version. For the online version, students can either type all of the information in and send it through an email, or print it out and turn it in to Kipf.

Kipf stresses the importance of filling out the application fully, especially the line regarding the position desired.

“You have to specify what position you’re applying for. If you don’t, then we won’t process it,” Kipf said.

People interested in registering must log on to the website and apply for an ID and password.

The Workforce Development will then receive a notification and approve the application, which gives the applicant full access to College Central Network.