New Career Tech Center closer to reality

MCCC is another step closer to having its proposed Career Technology Center.

The Michigan Legislature approved MCCC’s Construction Authorization for the proposed Career Tech Center, according to Sue Wetzel, vice president of Administration and executive director of the The Foundation at MCCC.

The Dec. 3 action by the Legislature has provided state funding for 50 percent of the construction costs for the proposed 71,300-square foot Career Technology Center. The total cost is estimated at $17 million.

 “We can be excited, but we’re not breaking ground tomorrow,” Wetzel said.

MCCC is now waiting for the Governor to sign the bill.

“If she signs the bill, that authorizes us to the next step,” Wetzel said.

Construction of the La-Z-Boy Center and the H building both also came after the college received 50 percent of the construction costs from the state.

The Career Tech Center is planned for  the space between the H and L buildings.

It would replace the East and West Tech buildings, which have outdated technology. The East and West Tech buildings would be remodeled for other needs on campus.

On Nov. 3, MCCC submitted the Career Technology Center Program Statement and Schematic Design to the State Budget Office.

The document was prepared by the Career Tech Center Steering Team, Hobbs+Black Architects, and the Industrial Technology Division faculty.

The State Budget Office then sent its formal recommendation for approval of MCCC’s program and planning documents to the Legislature’s Joint Capital Outlay Subcommittee on Nov. 12.

Through an appropriations bill, they had requested support for the total project cost of $17 million, so final design and construction can begin.

On Nov. 30, the Joint Capital Outlay Subcommittee unanimously approved the project, and recommended that the total cost and construction authorization for the project be established in an appropriations bill.

The project was then inserted into an appropriations bill which had to be passed through the House, Senate, and be signed by the Governor.

“All three of Monroe County’s legislators, Sen. Randy Richardville, Rep. Kathy Angerer, and Rep. Kate Ebli supported the bill and were instrumental in guiding it through the process,” Wetzel wrote in an email.

After the bill is signed by the Governor, MCCC will be authorized to proceed to the Preliminary Design Development Phase, which includes: Project Management Agreement, a letter certifying that the college has in its possession the funds that fully satisfy the 50 percent match requirement for the project, proof of ownership of the property, and a Phase I Environmental Survey of the property.

According to Wetzel, at this phase MCCC will have to guarantee to the state that they know where the rest of the money required for the building is coming from.

MCCC’s Foundation will manage the fundraising for the building with a campaign team, who will figure out a campaign goal.

The phase also includes the Preliminary Design and Planning Submittal, which provides further detail and definition to the planned project, and a Preliminary Design Review by the Department of Management and Budget –Facilities Administration (DMB-FA).

If approved, MCCC will be notified that it can continue to the next phase, which is Final Design/Construction Documents.

“At this point, the College will work with the architect to prepare the final design and construction documents which take the project to the level of detail required for bidding and construction,” Wetzel wrote.

“This is submitted to the DMB-FA for Final Design/Construction Documents Review. If approved, the college will be notified that it has been authorized to bid the project.”

The next phase will be Bidding and Award. MCCC will bid the project, put the results in a table, and send the table to the DMB-FA for approval. Once approved, MCCC will be authorized to award the construction contact. MCCC will also provide the DMB-FA its cash flow projections for the project.

After those phases are completed, MCCC can enter the Construction Phase.

If things stay on the proposed timeline for the phases, the college can look at breaking ground this summer, Wetzel said.

Proposed schedule for Career Tech Center

MCCC has submitted the following schedule to the DMB-FA, outlining the proposed timeline for the phases.

Preliminary Design: February 2011

Review and DMB-FA Approval: February 2011

Final Design: May 2011

Review and DMB-FA Approval: May 2011

Bid: June 2011

Review and DMB-FA Approval: June 2011

Construction Contract Award: July 2011

Construction Begins: July 2011