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PIG plans on providing solutions

The Psychology Interest Group is working on a secret study which will be unveiled on December, 5. The group is overseen by psychology professors Patrick Wise and Melissa Grey and currently has four student members. Student Ethan Harbaugh is one participant of the group.  “This is actually my first year […]


Sports clubs offer more for campus life

Two players square off during a match. While MCCC does not have collegiate sports, students still have the chance to be active in sports on campus. Students have organized a 5-on-5 basketball club as well as a volleyball club. The basketball club meets on Thursdays while the volleyball club meets […]


Clubs on campus recruiting for new school year

Student Government is just one of the many groups that students can join. (Photo by Vanessa Ray). The “college experience” is an idea that many students might not think they are able to get on a small community college campus, like MCCC. However there are actually many different ways to […]