Sports clubs offer more for campus life

Two players square off during a match.

While MCCC does not have collegiate sports, students still have the chance to be active in sports on campus.
Students have organized a 5-on-5 basketball club as well as a volleyball club. The basketball club meets on Thursdays while the volleyball club meets on Mondays and Wednesdays. Both are at 7:30 p.m.
Megan McCaffery-Bezeau, the Fitness Center coordinator, assisted in organizing the basketball club.
“It’s a fairly relaxed league, but also competitive play, so there’s score keeping, but they call their own fouls,” she said.
Kyle Haener, the club president, took charge during the Winter 2018 Semester.
“We did it last winter and the participation definitely was higher this year, this fall semester,” Haener said.
The basketball club has between 50 and 60 participants who make up six teams, Haener said. Every week each team plays a game against a different opponent. 
Games start with a jump ball at half court, where a player from each team tries to tip the ball back to their teammates. The games consist of two 18-minute halves. A student assists by operating the scoreboard.
Four of the games this season have gone into overtime.
The club has a regular season of six weeks and will host a playoff. Teams will be seeded based on wins and losses.
First place may receive an award, possibly a small trophy, Haener said.
He also explained that while the deadline to sign a team up has passed, it is still possible to join as an individual player and be assigned to a team.
Volleyball has been on campus on-and-off since the 1970s.
Two years ago, the club started again and Lisa Schendel, administrative assistant to the Business Division, began assisting with organizing the volleyball club during the Winter 2017 Semester.
According to Schendel, it was slow to get off the ground.
“By the end of that semester, we had maybe eight to ten students that were participating,” she said.
Schendel took over as the adviser during the Winter 2018 Semester.
The volleyball club had around 54 rotating members during the Winter Semester, Schendel said.
“This year, it’s been a little bit slower of a start. We’ve got probably around 12 to 18 active players showing up,” Schendel said.
While participation is lower, students still enjoy the club.
Tim Feaganes is a student who joined the club last year and is now the club treasurer.
“I think the best part about volleyball, for me at least, is I can bring my friends who go here and have fun,” he said.
Feaganes said he enjoys the lack of a strict schedule and the fact that the club is free.
He also discussed how, through the club, he has made new friends and now sees them outside of the club and school.
Jason Bean is one of the new members of the club and joined to meet new people.
“It's pretty fun; everyone here is pretty cool,” Bean said.
While the club is doing well, more participation is always appreciated.
“We want more students,” Schendel said. “Anybody is welcome.
“All player levels; we do not discourage. I will take the time to work with students on different skills if they want."