PIG plans on providing solutions

The Psychology Interest Group is working on a secret study which will be unveiled on December, 5.

The group is overseen by psychology professors Patrick Wise and Melissa Grey and currently has four student members.
Student Ethan Harbaugh is one participant of the group.

 “This is actually my first year in PIG and so far I’ve enjoyed it a lot,” Harbaugh said. “As a part of PIG I hope to be able to learn more about people and the reasons for what they do, and then be able to apply that to help those around me.”

The students spent their meeting discussing upcoming events such as furry finals, winter studies, and future research.

Student Frank Yarger informed the group of his recent project. Yarger has spent the last few weeks procuring mental health pamphlets to make available to MCCC students.

“Pamphlets about if you are in an abusive relationship and stuff like that,” Yarger said. 

“I got one [pamphlet] that was from ProMedica that was just called a mental health resource guide.”

Yarger said the book addresses different mental health concerns students face such as having Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity- Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, or depression. 

ADHD is a condition which impairs the ability to concentrate though hyperactivity, impulsiveness, or difficulty focusing.

Students with ADHD may also have difficulty with time management, hyper fixation, or disassociation.  

Anxiety and depression also impact students’ ability to focus on their work and go about their daily lives. This guide will offer students alternative options when struggling.

“It’s really nice because within it [the author describes] what services we have in Monroe to start on problems you might be having and it has a detailed explanation of what it is,” Yarger said.

While crystal therapy and burning sage may seem like good ideas, PIG hopes to
provide students with scientific-based strategies for dealing with stress.

Yarger said he was excited to find information when visiting ProMedica for a school project.

“This is what anxiety is and here are different places you can go to in Monroe to get help for it. 

“The material in this resource guide is intended to help members of the community to better understand mental illness, the resources available for individuals and their families, and advocate for support and acceptance from the community,” the support guide reads.

Within the guide is a chart of different buildings and organizations available in Monroe. 

The groups are also organized by the type of mental health concerns they can work with. 

Students who may be uncomfortable or unable to afford to see a professional now have multiple options within their community. 

“With PIG I can try to help people more discretely which I like,” Yarger said. “It can be hard to ask for help.”

Students in PIG help in various ways and come from various backgrounds, some psychology students and others are here to learn about the subject and be more active on campus.

“I actually have only studied Psychology on my own, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting,” Harbaugh said. 

“I really enjoy working with my fellow club members and experimenting with the ideas we come up with.”

Professors Wise and Grey are looking forward to the result of their studies and welcome new members.

“The focus of the project is to provide students with resources,” Wise said. “That’s one of the ideas behind the group. If they [group members] want to help students they can.”

“I’m actually really excited for the project we are working on right now,” Harbaugh said. “But I can’t spill any details for the sake of the study.” 
Grey invited other students to join the group and take part in planning their next event.

“You’ll have to attend meetings if you want to learn the secret project,” she said, smiling.

Alexis Schenavar says they are always open to new members. “We meet every other Thursday in L-142.”

Schenavar notes they are an understanding group, and members are not required to attend every meeting.

“Our tagline is, ‘We understand,’” she said jokingly.

The study will be on Wednesday, Dec. 5th in the cafeteria. It is free to students.