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Ex-student directs films

From dramatic thrillers and animated super heroes to comedies, Travis Seppala’s many interests have all been incorporated into one career. Seppala is from Monroe and is working in the growing Michigan film industry by writing and directing his own films as well as working with other people’s scripts.For the short […]


Few students notice rise in tuition

The change to charging tuition by contact hours affected fewer students than originally estimated, while bringing in the expected amount of revenue. College officials estimated the change’s impact on students before the decision was made in June. The actual results have been collected for the fall and were not far […]


H1N1 vaccine in short supply

Students can receive the H1N1 vaccine this Saturday at MCCC.   The college is holding one of the first H1N1 vaccination clinics included on the tentative schedule released by the Monroe County Health Department. Vaccinations, which are open to the public, are scheduled at MCCC from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. […]


Music Review – New Moon Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the highly anticipated Twilight sequel, New Moon, was released October 16. Following the first movie’s impressive list of tracks, the New Moon soundtrack has a lot to live up to. Highlights from the Twilight soundtrack include Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole,” “Decode,” performed by Paramore and inspired by […]


Don’t ask, Don’t tell

In elementary school, I remember seeing countless posters in classrooms and in the halls promoting diversity. The posters said things like, “Everyone smiles in the same language.” As a young child, I knew that these posters were there to remind us that being different wasn’t a bad thing.  The lesson […]


MCCC Volleyball Club learns from loss

Despite losing its inaugural match-up with another collegiate team, the MCCC Volleyball Club came away with some positives.Despite the loss to Delta College, the ladies played “very well and very hard,” according to club president Amy Terrassi. “We actually ended up playing their varsity team not club, so considering the […]


Staying healthy on campus in fall flu season

With many students getting sick, the time has come to think about our health. MCCC recommends that students stay home if they are suffering flu-like symptoms. “I think it’s kind of cool. I wouldn’t want to come to school and give the flu to anybody else,” said Jase Sancrainte, a […]


From men to monsters

When someone entered the Whitman Center, MCCC’s off-campus building, from Oct. 7-30, they would have been greeted by 17 wooden silhouettes of women murdered by their boyfriend or husband. A shield-shaped plaque with the story of their death, including the name of the man responsible, rested on each chest. According […]


LAN Club offers camaraderie to computer students

 The MCCC LAN Club is off to a fresh start with new members in charge for the year. The club is full of computer students seeking to improve the experience of the students at MCCC while helping the community. Dale Risden was recently elected the  club’s president. “I believe in […]


Zombieland Review

 From slow shuffles and monotone moaning to ravenous running and snarling screams, zombies have captivated audience’s attention for over 70 years on the silver screen. The newest entry into zombie flicks, “Zombieland,” offers plenty of laughs for the audience to sink their teeth into (pun intended). We follow the story […]