Former aid to U.S. Rep starts new job at MCCC

His job is new, his office is new, he hasn’t even had time to hang his diploma from Michigan State University on the wall, but MCCC is not new to Josh Myers.

“I have a long history with the college,” Myers said.

Myers has been hired as the coordinator of development and external affairs.

In short, he will assist in the coordination of all fundraising activities as well as provide support for the college’s legislative relations program on the local, state and federal levels.

“There’s a lot for me to get up to speed on but I had a foundation here,” he said.

Myers has been coming to the college since he was a kid. His father, Bill Myers (security supervisor) has worked for the college for many years.

“I can remember as a kid coming here with my dad and sitting in The Cellar,” Myers said.

Raised in Ida, he attended courses at MCCC as a high school student and then again after high school.

Myers was first interested in business, until the real world experience persuaded him out of it . He then found an interest in politics, for which he credits MCCC Professors Joanna Sabo and Margaret Bacarella.

“They piqued my interest,” he said.

After MCCC, Myers moved on to Michigan State University, where he majored in International relations, and received a bachelors degree. He also attended James Madison University and George Washington University, where he received his master’s in strategic public relations.

Right out of school, Myers started working with Michigan state Sen. Carl Levin as an intern. Several weeks later he was offered a job to work for the senator.

“I was in the right place at the right time,” he said.

After his time with Sen. Levin, he began working as a field representative for U.S. Rep. John Dingell. He spent six years with the congressman before being hired by MCCC.

Before he received his position at the college, Myers had been involved at MCCC. He had a big role in setting up the debates held at MCCC last year between Dingell and Republican candidate Rob Steele.

“Dr. Nixon called me up and said if you’re planning a debate, we’d love to have you,” he said.

However, as a member of the staff, he doesn’t plan to play politics.

“We belong to the community college party,” he said.

Myers thinks being a part of the staff at MCCC is just the place for him and has what he looks for in a job.

“This place has amazing, intelligent and hardworking people,” he said.