Ludo provides unqiue sound

“You’re awful, I love you” would usually be viewed as a hypocritical statement, but this saying has received a complete alteration thanks to the band Ludo.

Started in Ladue, Missouri, Ludo released their first album in February 2008. The only reason anyone would think back that far would be for the song “Love Me Dead.”

Their latest hit is “Whipped Cream,” which was released on the album “Prepare the Preparations,” made available in September 2010.

What attracts most people to this band? All I can tell you is that Andrew Volpe’s (lead vocals/guitar) voice is remarkable and electrifying! Not only is he completely capable of hitting those high notes, but he keeps your attention, like some mystical beast. It’s astounding!

Then there’s the moog synthesizer (an electric versatile instrument) played by Tim Convy. Not only is the moog an amazing instrument, but the man behind the controls is brilliant. I have to give Convy some credit, this machine doesn’t seem easy to play.

If it wasn’t for the other band members also, Tim Ferrell, Matt Palermo, and Tom Cantillon, this band wouldn’t be as marvelous as it is! No one can resist the complete sound of it all.

Another thing I love about this band is their music videos. They are completely comical, and terribly funny. The main point is that this band is irresistible and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for some good music; definitely an A.