Author: Emma Marion


MCCC community mourns Stephen Fried

Officials pronounced MCCC adjunct professor Stephen Fried dead at the scene of a car accident on Sept. 27.  As a Purdue and University of Toledo graduate, Fried taught business at MCCC for 37 years. Fried left behind his wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters, Megan and Sarah, along with his grandchildren.  […]


Experiencing a horror movie for the first time

Of all the genres of movies, I have never watched a horror movie. I decided to venture out for the sole purpose of this article. Horror movies never really grabbed my attention as something I would enjoy watching. It wasn’t very appealing to purposely cause angst.  I had a hard […]


Art Club to host Paint a Pumpkin

As the fall season is rolling in, students can channel their inner artist at Paint a Pumpkin. MCCC Art Club is hosting the event on October 21 at 6:30pm in Founders Hall, room 117. “All are welcome,” said Therese O’Halloran, the advisor of Art Club. For the attendance fee of […]

Elizabeth Kramer

Elizabeth Kramer and family sell custom crafts

MCCC student Elizabeth Kramer and her family participate in farmers markets and craft shows around Monroe Country and in some surrounding cities. Elizabeth’s mom, Alicia, created her own side hustle called Serendipitous Sweet Shop and made it into her family business. Their booth of arts and crafts can be found […]

Alumni Staff

Emma Marion

Hey, My name is Emma Marion!  The amount of time that I used to simply think of something seemingly interesting about myself is immense.  I’m just like any other nineteen year old girl. I love being outside, playing and listening to music, drawing, painting and writing. At a young age, […]