Elizabeth Kramer and family sell custom crafts

MCCC student Elizabeth Kramer and her family participate in farmers markets and craft shows around Monroe Country and in some surrounding cities.

Elizabeth Kramer
(From left) Avy Allen, Alicia Allen, Elizabeth Kramer, Joyce Tittle and their booth of homemade items. (photo by Emma Marion)

Elizabeth’s mom, Alicia, created her own side hustle called Serendipitous Sweet Shop and made it into her family business.

Their booth of arts and crafts can be found at many shows including farmers markets in Wyandotte, Toledo, Trenton and Saline.

Alicia also sells her products on eBay, Facebook, and Instagram.

“My favorite has got to be local. Dundee shows are always a lot of fun,” says Alicia.

“The one in Dundee is my favorite,” Elizabeth agrees.

They sell homemade custom crafts that include pressed floral decorations, handmade jewelry and keychains, drink jackets and tumblers.

 The sellable art spread on the tables are compliments of both Elizabeth and Alicia. The mother and daughter duo said they use their hard earned money, time and effort just to see the smiles of happy customers. 

“I normally stick to the pressing flowers or painting signs,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth said she loves the creative aspects that come with constructing each individual piece. 

Elizabeth Kramer-Crafts
A display of items for sale at Serendipitous Sweet Shop. (Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Kramer).

She said she never feels obligated to create. Rather, she makes these pieces as an outlet and as a way to express herself for fun.

The family agrees that sometimes it’s hard to see their hard work and creativity being sold, but the smiles on a person’s face is always worth it.

Avy, Elizabeth’s sister, and Joyce, Elizabeth’s grandmother, help set up, sell and tear down.

Outside of their family business, Alicia and Elizabeth both have jobs. 

Alicia is the school counselor at Monroe Middle School. Elizabeth said she is adored by both faculty and students alike. 

Elizabeth is a barista at Agua Dulce in Monroe and loves making coffee.

Elizabeth plans on attending Lourdes University after her two years at MCCC to study social work.