MCCC community mourns Stephen Fried

Officials pronounced MCCC adjunct professor Stephen Fried dead at the scene of a car accident on Sept. 27. 

As a Purdue and University of Toledo graduate, Fried taught business at MCCC for 37 years.

(Photo courtesy of Fried family)

Fried left behind his wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters, Megan and Sarah, along with his grandchildren. 

Not only did he leave behind his family, but his students and co-workers as well.

Leon Letter, a new professor at MCCC this July, said he felt welcomed by Fried. 

“Outside of the classroom, he was a joy to talk to about virtually anything,” Letter said. “Conversations with him were always interesting regardless of the subject.”

Nick Manor, a third year student, said he and his classmates were both shocked and saddened to come to class and hear the devastating news.

Weeks prior, a semitrailer collided with an overpassing train bridge that caused northbound traffic to be rerouted through Dundee.

The unexpected closure caused massive backups and extra drive time for both locals and people traveling on US 23. 

Because of the detour, traffic exited at M-50, causing slow vehicles on the highway.

Fried was slowing down as traffic was forced to exit at Dundee. The vehicle behind him crashed into him. 

“We only had 14 sessions with him, but it was still a very shocking thing to hear,” Manor said. “He was a great soul and a great person.”

Stephen P. Fried Stands for picture
(Photo courtesy of Fried family)

After the conclusion of this year, Manor plans on heading to Eastern Michigan University to study business while taking more than just business from Fried.

Through his years at MCCC, Fried worked with many other students and staff members. 

Erika Hunt, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Business, knew Fried during his years at MCCC. 

“He loved being in the classroom with the students,” Hunt said. “He enjoyed the conversations and sharing real life experiences.”

Fried incorporated life lessons into his classroom.

“He told us not to be enslaved to your career,” Manor said. “He was a family man and told us lots of stories about his family and their traditions.”

He taught not only the material, he also taught how to apply it.

“You can really see how much he loved teaching and helping his students,” Letter said. “He had the desire to bring the real-world experiences into the classroom so his students would go beyond theory.”

As friends and family grieve his death, the wisdom Fried left behind with MCCC students lives on.

“Steve is very much missed already, but we are comforted by the fact that he left a long and lasting legacy,” MCCC President Kojo Quartey said.