Alumni Staff

Emma Marion

Hey, My name is Emma Marion! 

The amount of time that I used to simply think of something seemingly interesting about myself is immense. 

I’m just like any other nineteen year old girl. I love being outside, playing and listening to music, drawing, painting and writing.

At a young age, I started playing travel softball. I took a liking to softball so much that I’ve started coaching Dundee’s Middle School team.

I currently work at a small daycare/preschool in Dundee and have learned that my passion is teaching and caring for young kids. 

At MCCC I play in the Symphonic Band as a clarinetist. 

I am studying for my Associate of Science, and later studying either early childhood education or child psychology.

I was never a part of the yearbook staff or anything of the sort in high school, but I love writing and look forward to learning and participating in the Agora this year.