Paranormal investigators haunt Monroe museum

The Michigan Museum of Horror is haunted, and I have proof. 

In October 2023, I started working with Andrew Mcgowan, a paranormal investigator who explores and films haunted locations, which he posts on his YouTube channel “Andrew’s Paranormal Experience.”

At 9 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 27, Andrew and I prepared to do a paranormal investigation at 44 S. Monroe St. The owner, Nate Thompson, gave us permission to stay in the building after hours.

Paranormal investigators Reese Bowling, left, and Andrew Mcgowan. (Photo courtesy of Reese Bowling).

Almost immediately, paranormal activity began. As soon as the lights and music from the jukebox were turned off, we heard tapping, knocking on the first floor and footsteps from upstairs. Andrew began using the Spirit Talker app on his phone. 

The app allows users to detect EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) and EMF (electric and magnetic fields) using digital voice recorders. We got responses such as “Bill,” “Mike,” “I was shot,” “ridicule” and “am I really dead?”

On the main floor, Andrew conducted an Estes Method session in the Red Room, a space in the museum restricted to patrons 18 and older.

The primary objective of the Estes Method is to establish a two-way communication with spirits. Using the Necrophonic app, an app used to talk to spirits, a blind fold and noise-canceling headphones, I filmed Andrew sitting on the couch in the Red Room.

Andrew was unable to hear or see me as I sat directly across from him with a video camera. I asked questions and Andrew would repeat what he heard from the spirits. 

When I asked, “What is your name?” Andrew instantly replied, “dead.” I then asked, “Is that your name?” and Andrew quickly responded, “yeah.”

After we finished Andrew’s session, we took the Spirit Talker and walked to the second floor. When we reached the top of the stairs, we turned right and walked to the middle of the room. All of a sudden, a voice came through and said, “go left.” When we turned left, we came face to face with three old Ouija boards. A few more voices came through before the Spirit Talker went silent.

After that, it was my turn to conduct the Estes Method. I sat in the middle of the museum’s tarot room and put on the blind fold and headphones. Within a matter of seconds, I heard several disembodied voices coming through, all talking at once. Some of the voices said my name, my  mom’s name, “demon,” “dead,” “pray,” “consume” and “leave him.”

I was caught off guard when the names I heard were of people I have a personal connection with.

We spent two hours investigating the museum and returned two weeks later for a second investigation. This time, there was more activity, including a battery-operated bear toy which was turned on and reciting a prayer and a bottle cap was thrown at me. We are currently planning on investigating the museum for a third time.

I’m not surprised we experienced so much activity at the museum. Before our investigation, Nate told me about some of his experiences, such as the woman in white who has been spotted in the attic. 

If you’re interested in checking out our investigation, you can subscribe to “Andrew’s Paranormal Experience” on YouTube.