Author: Carla Cohen


A pandemic is hard for everyone

Lately, days have been hard for a lot of us. Whether it is practicing social distancing or not having a job right now, the coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone’s daily lives. I would like to take the time to talk about what I have been going through from almost the […]


Flint residents speak out over crisis

Special from Monroe News “Nor Any Drop to Drink” a documentary by Cedric Taylor, tells of the community of Flint coming together to share their story and personal accounts of the Flint water crisis. Starting back in 2014, the Flint water crisis continues to make an impact on Flint and […]


MCCC Student Government partners with MCOP for food bank

On a cold cloudy day, Monroe County residents lined up at MCCC for food donations to brighten their day. Parking Lot 2 next to the La-Z-Boy Building filled with cars as residents arrived for the Mobile Food Pantry March 14. The event ran from 10 a.m. to noon to help […]


Hindley creates her own sound

After taking piano lessons from touring musician Ted Sablay of The Killers and releasing her first single, local artist Hindley wants to continue making music. Reese Hindley Johnson, who goes by Hindley as a musician is 14 years old and is a freshman MCMC student. “I started playing piano around […]


New semester stress grows for students

Four weeks into the Winter Semester, things are getting tough to manage. From classes, homework, jobs and personal relationships, students may find it difficult to balance their everyday responsibilities. “You have to pick — there’s like three things, school, work or social life and you have to pick two,” MCCC […]


Season 2 of ‘You’ brings Love to Joe

In season one of “You,” protagonist Joe Goldberg goes through atrocious things for the one he loves, Guinevere Beck. The show gives off a sort of “Dexter” vibe, with Goldberg injuring detestable persons to protect those he cares about. In season two, Joe wants to learn from his past mistakes. […]

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Carla Cohen

My name is Carla Cohen, but my maiden name is Carla Crockett. I started writing for the Agora in 2009 and have been on staff off and on for the last 10 years. I started because I felt Journalism was my calling but now I’m going for Graphic Design. My […]


Last chance for free tax help

MCCC graduate Kristine Skinkiss (left) has her taxes prepared by MCCC student Kathleen Arnold.                          Photo by Vanessa Ray The April 15 deadline for filing taxes is less than three weeks away. To avoid being possibly audited, you can […]


College makes strides toward gender-neutral bathrooms

Signs like this one have been placed by bathrooms across campus.                           Photo by Carla Cohen   Some LGBTQ students have expressed concern for their safety on the MCCC campus, leading administratrs to start plans for gender-neutral bathrooms. An […]