Alumni Staff

Carla Cohen

My name is Carla Cohen, but my maiden name is Carla Crockett.

I started writing for the Agora in 2009 and have been on staff off and on for the last 10 years. I started because I felt Journalism was my calling but now I’m going for Graphic Design.

My goal is page design for a newspaper of magazine in NYC. Once I complete Bachelors in Fine Arts I will be headed that way.

I visited NYC on an Agora Journalism conference and fell in love instantly.

I have two cats, Otho and Lydia with opposite personalities.

I work full-time as a waitress and part-time as a freelance photographer for Monroe News. I just completed by Associates of Science degree in December and am thinking of transferring to UT next fall.

My goal is to love what I do and live where I feel is the best for me. I think taking the paper will be a great stepping stone in my journey.