A pandemic is hard for everyone

Lately, days have been hard for a lot of us.

Whether it is practicing social distancing or not having a job right now, the coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone’s daily lives.

I would like to take the time to talk about what I have been going through from almost the beginning of the pandemic.

My sleep schedule is a complete mess due to insomnia and the constant stress I feel crowding around me. It consumes me until I have so much anxiety, I have to take a moment to just breathe regularly.

Most days I wake up around 11 a.m. and make myself a cup of coffee to give me an extra burst of energy to get my day started.

I figure out what assignments are due that day because I am a procrastinator and have too much on my plate at one time to do anything early. After completing the assignments, either at midnight or in a matter of hours, I focus on my new tasks.

Thinking about expenses, insufficient income, classes, family or friends is a reminder of how much life has changed. This results in a constant feeling of dread, which makes doing basic tasks around the house much more difficult.

I start by planning out the clothes I will need for the next few days. I make sure to wash my work clothes and my usual outfit of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Afterward, I put together certain outfits to look and feel good about myself.

Next, I face the dirty dishes piled on the counter. The stacks stand tall like a city skyline.

Who knew when you binge ate your feelings at 4 a.m. you would have to clean up the plates, bowls and utensils you used in the process?

Once all the necessary chores have been completed, I usually have to get ready for work.

Right before all of this started, I was hired as a pizza delivery driver.

I am one of the lucky “essential” employees that still have a job. While I am out in delivering pizza and putting my health in danger, my friends get a vacation to play the newest Animal Crossing game. Those on unemployment make more than me.

My work has been the most supportive and loving environment I could have ever asked for. However, customers have not been as kind.

Customers scream and swear at us when we explain our store is only taking debit or credit card as payment. They also can’t comprehend that because takeout and delivery are the only options, it causes pizza drivers to have more deliveries and increases delivery time.

After their tirade about the delivery time, not a single cent is left for a tip. This is frustrating when I just drove twenty minutes one way to their house.

If there is anything I’ve learned during this whole pandemic, it’s that we need to be nicer to people and show compassion. Things are hard for everyone, whether it’s not being able to see those we love or struggling to pay rent.

Everyone has their problems, and right now they have been maxed-out like that credit card you should have never opened.

If you are wondering if you’re the only one struggling with things, please take my daily struggle as a reminder that you’re not. If you are putting off daily tasks because everything seems too much right now, don’t feel bad about it.

I hope that everyone gets through this pandemic having learned something; especially not to take what we thought was everyday life for granted.