Last chance for free tax help

MCCC graduate Kristine Skinkiss (left) has her taxes prepared by MCCC student Kathleen Arnold.                          Photo by Vanessa Ray

The April 15 deadline for filing taxes is less than three weeks away. To avoid being possibly audited, you can visit the MCCC campus for help.

There are two more chances to get help from the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program on campus at MCCC.

Every Friday since March 1, there has been an opportunity to get help with taxes; April 5 and April 12 are the last two dates available to receive assistance on campus this year.

Located in the lobby of the Career Technology Center, tables are set up to have you fill out needed forms. Caleb Walker, a MCCC student, has been there from the beginning helping people get set up. 

“You have to fill out the intake interview forms,” Walker said. “Then, once they are finished filling that out, they bring it back up here and we check it over and make sure they have everything.” 

Most people have set up appointments beforehand, ensuring they will be seen on a specific date.

It’s best to make an appointment online at:

They do accept walk-ins, but it is a first come, first served basis. 

Teresa and James Jaeger were one of the many waiting to be seen.

By 10:15 a.m. on March 15, a line already had formed. After setting up people with scheduled appointments, four walk-ins were accepted, and two had to be turned away. 

“We have had a full schedule, it’s been pretty busy,” Accounting Professor Parnella Baul said.

They accept up to 10 appointments a day to ensure there is enough time per person to get the assistance they need. 

According to Baul, the length of time needed can vary.

“It’s between an hour and an hour-and-a-half, depending on the complexity of the tax return,” Baul said.

Items needed are a valid photo ID, Social Security card, W2’s from jobs this tax year (2018), and other earning statements. A copy of last year’s tax return and bank account and information for receiving your tax return is also helpful.