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GSA event promotes student inclusivity

With finals on the way and deadlines approaching, students around the campus have been studying and writing the night away. But on Saturday, students and professors were able to play games and enjoy some delicious snacks with friends.  The Pride Party was hosted by the GSA – Gender Sexuality Alliance- […]


Agora editor bids farewell

James P. Quick, co-editor of the Agora 2018-2019 I honestly cannot think of a way to open this without sounding horribly corny, so I’m not going to embarrass myself. This is the third-to-last article I’ll be writing for the Agora. The last will be covering Student of the Year for […]


Racist images shock students

This image from the exhibition expresses the fear of interracial marriage, which was one of the major objections to the desegregation of schools, libraries, clubs – even churches. It was found on a white supremicist web site in 2006. The MCCC library often showcases beautiful art, colorful vases, three dimensional […]


Rodriguez, Sandefur win Outstanding Student Award

Lydia Sandefur Aleija Rodriguez and Lydia Sandefur were the joint winners of the Outstanding Student Award, a first for two Middle College students. “I’m not sure, but I think this may be the first time they’ve had two,” Rodriguez said. “I’m pretty certain we’re the youngest ever.” Rodriguez said he […]


Schaller named outstanding faculty

Professor Lisa Schaller won the outstanding faculty of the year award after just one year at MCCC. Her work has influenced many students and staff of the college, according to Dr. Grace Yackee, Vice President of Instruction, who presented the award. ”She has shown much interest by participating in various […]


Smith Wins Adjunct of the Year

 The long list of credentials Criminal Justice professor James Smith has acquired over his career impressed the audience.   Smith is the winner of the 2018-2019 adjunct faculty award.  In the words of Dean Hedeen, “Mr. Smith impresses everyone he meets with his positivity.” Dr. Grace Yackee said in her […]


Agora adviser puts down the pen

Dan Shaw completed one of his earliest assignments years before he was adviser of the Agora. Throughout my years within student journalism, I’ve met many great people. However, none have had the level of patience, wisdom, and intellect as Daniel Shaw. To put it simply, he’s the grandfather I wish […]


Hamilton “Blows Us All Away”

"Hamilton" has won many awards, including 11 Tony awards and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. “Hamilton” is a modern take on an important story in America’s history, celebrating our freedom and the impact that people can still have today in our country and world. “Hamilton” follows the life of founding […]


Students, faculty win awards

Aleija Rodriguez and Lydia Sandefur won the outstanding student award. Aleija Rodriguez and Lydia Sandefur won the Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award at MCCC’s annual Honors Reception. Lisa Schaller received the Outstanding Faculty Award, and James Smith received the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award. MCCC hosted the 2019 Honors Reception at […]


Autistic people can speak for themselves

                                                                           Illustration by Cheyanne Abel Fearmongering, the action of deliberately arousing public fear or […]