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MCCC responds to Haiti quake

Alex Babycz and Brian Lay traveled to Haiti to help a university set up a computer lab in Oct. 2008.  Two years later, that university is a pile of rubble, and their Haitian friends have no place to go. Video: Alex Babycz talks about Haiti On Jan. 12, a 7.0 […]


Dream 97-5 focuses on sports radio

#8220;Okay, we are connected and ready to go!” Milward Beaudry said after hooking up the last cords of the microphones and headsets to their power supplies. The three MCCC students took their positions on the upper level of Monroe High School’s gym and picked up their headsets and microphones, getting […]


2010 brings sequels to gaming’s greatest

Software entertainment has grown from a niche in the computer industry to being a multibillion dollar corporate titan. Games have evolved from simple pleasures of navigating through colored lines to interactive movies where the player’s choices affect the overall experience. Here are some of 2010’s most anticipated sequels: “God of […]


Students talking about Michigan smoking ban

From popular restaurants in Monroe to the MCCC campus, Michigan’s smoking ban is getting students talking. “I just think people should be able to smoke wherever they want,” MCCC Freshman Kellie Lane said, “why change it now?” The new law is set to start May 1. It bans smoking in […]


Workshop helps students with resumes

Many people are out of work searching for a job right now. Some have decided to go back to school in order to acquire the skills they need for a permanent job. When hiring employees, one of the first things companies look at is the resume. If you need help […]


Smoking ban gains another supporter

Last month, the Michigan Senate and House passed a statewide smoking ban that will eliminate smoking in public workplaces, such as restaurants and bars. Gov. Jennifer Granholm said she would sign the bill.  The law prohibits workers smoking in almost all workplaces, even restaurants and bars.  There are some exceptions […]


Grammy Awards showcase new and old talents

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards show brought together generations of talent in the music industry. The show opened with a shimmering performance by Lady Gaga, who was soon joined by Elton John after she sang “Poker Face.” Both stars played the piano while singing a blend of Lady Gaga’s song, […]


The Lovely Bones Review

The visual effects in Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones” are unmistakably imaginative, but the argument grew whether the movie was too toned down compared to the novel. Saoirse Ronan (Atonement) stars as Susie Salmon, a 14-year-old girl who was murdered before getting the chance to experience her teenage life. While […]


Ceiling on contact hours proposed

MCCC’s Board of Trustees was asked to put a ceiling on the number of contact hours paid by students at its meeting Monday night. Trustee Linda Lauer made the proposal. “I am trying to get other trustees to think about it,” Lauer said.  “I didn’t feel much support.” Video: Lauer and Nixon […]


Construction firm chosen for Career Technology Building

A Detroit construction management firm has been chosen to assist in the design and possible construction of a Career Technology Building. Monday the college Board of Trustees chose the Walbridge Group to assist in the performance of all construction management services for the project. “Even though we selected a company, […]