Bookstore reviews security

The MCCC Bookstore is reviewing its security procedures following a March theft of more than $7,000 of merchandise.

All Bookstore employees and student assistants were interviewed by a former detective from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

The purpose of the interviews was to hear each person’s version of the incident to see if any additional information could be discovered, and to give staff members an opportunity to alert the detective if they had any suspicions of internal connections to the theft, according to a college news release.

The detective concluded that there were no internal connections to the incident, the release said.

The detective told bookstore employees to contact security in the future, even if they are just suspicious of someone in the bookstore.

To prevent further thefts, the bookstore has installed additional cameras and a doorbell system, and moved the location of books.

The bookstore layout is being reviewed by Follett Books, the company that does MCCC’s book buy-backs, and the college is looking into installing electric alarm posts in the bookstore.

The college originally announced that the stolen merchandise was valued at more than $8,000. After review, the retail value was changed to $7,020, with a cost to the college of $5, 158. After the $1,000 deductible, the college was reimbursed $4,158 by its insurance carrier.