Nixon evaluated; other news from board meeting

Nixon Evaluated

The Board of Trustees evaluated President David Nixon in a closed session.

Returning to open session, they congratulated Nixon on seven points: the completion of seven years as the president of MCCC; his leadership, relationships and representation of MCCC and the greater community of Monroe; his awareness of community needs and involvement; articulating the strategic vision of the overall college development; keeping the Board of Trustees well-informed about the college operations; creating a culture emphasizing creative thinking; and his responsible financial leadership of the institution in a time of extreme economic challenge.

Maintenance recognized

The maintenance staff was awarded a plaque, accepted by Jim Blumberg, director of Physical Plant.

“At graduation, a number of people commented on how well this whole place looked. And it did,” Chairmen of the Board, Bill Bacarella said. “The groundskeeping, the landscaping, the cleanliness; we wanted to recognize the maintenance staff for their hard work.”

Secretary Mary Kay Thayer said she commends Jim Blumberg for his leadership.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “I’ve been here 20 years and we owe you, Jim, a lot of credit I think.”

New Health Dean Introduced

Dr. Cynthia Roman, the new Dean of health, was introduced to the Board of Trustees by Dr. Grace Yackee, vice president of Instruction.

Kerste granted sabbatical

Dean Kerste, associate professor of Design Technology, was granted a sabbatical for the fall 2010 semester so he can complete a doctorate degree.

The budget was not affected by this sabbatical, as his work time will temporarily be covered by adjunct faculty.