Grown Ups review

Though you can inevitably witness the cast’s fun on the set of Grown Ups, the humor failed to reach through the screen.

Partially written by Adam Sandler and produced by Happy Madison, most viewers were expecting some good-natured comedy and, of course, the occasional juvenile humor. But their latest attempt fell short of any of the famous films both the producing company and the writer had done before.

Five childhood friends and former teammates, played by Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, and David Spade, reunite 30 years after their championship-winning game to commemorate the death of their old coach. The funeral becomes a weekend getaway at a lake house where the five characters reminisce about old times and get back in touch with their childish antics.

While the plot was clear and genuine, it was instead like watching a stranger’s family reunion. As the five friends throw constant quips at eachother throughout the film you may chuckle and find it humorous, but at the end of the day all you did was watch someone else’s fun.

You will probably laugh during the film, but an hour after it ends try to remember what was so funny.

It had moments that were meant to be sentimental, but since the audience never fully got pulled into the emotion of each family, they just appeared awkward and poorly done.

In other Happy Madison films the occasional serious moments were usually heartfelt and served a purpose, like in Happy Gilmore or Click. They should have worked harder on the emotion or left it out completely.

It seems that with all of the money and experience that Sandler has gathered over his years of comedic acting, he would be able to pull off something better than this.

Die-hard fans of Sandler and the rest of the Happy Madison cast may feel connected to the actors enough to get something out of the movie, but someone on the outside looking in will not be as easily amused. 4/10