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Mandatory wage contributions lead to lawsuit

The mandatory 3 percent wage contribution for school employees already has led to a lawsuit. The new retirement law also requires that all school employees in Michigan give 3 percent of their wages to the state to go toward future health care. For example, a school employee with a $50,000 […]


MCCC replaces windows of the Life Science building

MCCC takes strides towards a more energy efficient campus, including replacing the windows of the Life Science building. On May 7 the maintenance crew of MCCC began replacing the 39-year-old, two-story curtain walls due to costly damages resulting from leaking and also the potential of future hazards. The project also […]


Retirements transform MCCC

A new Michigan law intended to encourage school employees to retire is changing the face of MCCC. The law, which was approved by the state legislature in an attempt to cut school district costs and open the job market, offers a pension benefit multiplier for school employees who retire early. […]


Budget approved along with salary freezes

MCCC’s 2010-2011 budget was approved by the Board of Trustees based on no salary increase for all employees. The administration, support staff, adjunct faculty, and part-time support staff will retain the same salaries from the 2009-2010 and 2008-2009 years. “The thing we’ve been working on, in light of limited recourses, […]


Jeff Corwin speaks about the dangers of extinction

Jeff Corwin entertained Monroe while delivering an important message. Corwin, a wildlife, ecology and conservation expert and a new science and environmental correspondent for NBC, presented his message on saving endangered species in the Meyer Theater Friday night. “Thank you all for giving up your Friday night to be with me,” […]


Grown Ups review

Though you can inevitably witness the cast’s fun on the set of Grown Ups, the humor failed to reach through the screen. Partially written by Adam Sandler and produced by Happy Madison, most viewers were expecting some good-natured comedy and, of course, the occasional juvenile humor. But their latest attempt […]


New criminal justice professor hired

Penelope Dunn will be the new assistant professor of Criminal Justice at MCCC this fall. Dunn spent 23 years with the Trenton Police Force, serving as a Patrol Officer, Deputy Chief, Detective Sergeant and Lieutenant. For the last eight years, she has taught part-time at Henry Ford Community College, where […]


College agrees to solar panel project with DTE

MCCC’s Board of Trustees approved a lease agreement with DTE that could make the college the largest solar facility in Michigan.  DTE Energy Regional Manager Molly Luempert-Coy presented an overview of the Solar Currents program at the board’s Monday night meeting. According to Luempert-Coy, DTE Energy plans a 15-megawatt solar […]


Vallade will assist dean of Math/Science Division

Math professor Jim Vallade will assist the dean of the Math and Science Division starting this Fall. Vallade will spend 10 hours a week helping the dean with a variety of duties, with a focus on observations of adjunct faculty. “We’re going to see how that works and get feedback,” […]


Kill brain cells or have healthy brain functions?

Chewing tobacco, invented as early as 1 B.C., was originally used for religious and medicinal purposes and is a form of nicotine. Chewing tobacco is one form of smokeless tobacco; the other form is snuff. The difference is snuff is “sniffed” through your nose; both are smokeless and both are […]