Michigan 2010 Census Results

    As most people know, the census collects lots of data with some things are more interesting oppose to others. Some of the facts do not mean much to citizens. Instead of reading the information, I think a better way to get a grasp on reality is to put things in prospective from a visual aspect. When people have visuals, it makes things easier to understand.

      This map of Michigan has each county plotted. Once you click on a point, it states what county it is and the population range. The program I used for this was Google Fusion Tables.

      Google Fusion is a program that allows users to publish data into maps, timelines or charts, host data tables online so other viewers can see, and combine data from multiple people. Google Fusion is also compatible with Excel. In that case, users can import spreadsheets from Excel to use as their table.

      It quickly converts your table into a map or chat. It also allows you to personalize by changing colors, lines, or shapes that are used in your illustration.