Author: Jaclyn Young


Sisters of missing women stick together

From left to right, Chelsea Bruck, Julia Niswender, Kassie Bruck (now Rinne) and Jennifer Niswender. To some, Jennifer Nisewender and Kassandra Bruck seem to have the same pain with eerily similar circumstances.  Both women have lost a sister, but that is where the similarities end.  Jennifer Niswender is the sister […]


Crime Report for Winter

Destruction of Property On March 3 it was reported that a plastic stand holding up a monitor was broken, and the monitor was broken as a result. A professor left the lab at 6 p.m. on March 2 and the monitor stand was intact. When he returned the next morning […]


MCCC celebrates Black History Month

President Quartey uses a powerpoint presentation to illustrate the history of slavery in Africa. Black History Month at MCCC started with a short speech by President Kojo Quartey.  He opened with some words on why we celebrate Black History Month.  “As an institution, we like to celebrate our diversity, and […]


Drama club proves that the show must go on

There were less people than expected at the Drama Club’s Open Mic Night, but that did not stop the club members from having a great time. Phillip Zaborowski is the vice president of the Drama Club. “We’re just trying to get news out there that we’re back in action,” he […]


New Chemistry professor brings energy, enthusiasm

New Chemistry professor Michael Fuertes' passion for chemistry shows in his teaching. Wander the halls of the L building at 11 a.m. on Monday or Wednesday and you  might stumble upon a class taught by Michael Fuertes. Fuertes, a new Chemistry professor, said that he is enjoying his time here […]


Crime Report for Fall

Crime report for winter   An accident occurred on October 22, in the parking lot behind the C building. According to a witness, at 10:45 am an older model, dark green, Intrepid was seen backing out of a parking space and into an older, blue Focus behind it. The driver […]


MCCC launches new ad campaign

MCCC is set to launch an “I got my start” advertising campaign.  The ads will feature former students talking about how they got their start and what successes they have had since their time at the community college.  “I’m so thrilled with how it looks and how it’s been received,” […]


Gay Straight Alliance signs stolen

Seven signs promoting the Gay Straight Alliance like this one were stolen during the last few days. Seven Gay Straight Alliance signs were stolen off campus between the Candlelight Vigil on Sept. 12 and the Tuesday after.  The signs were placed to promote membership in the club, which works to […]


Meyer Theater sets the stage

From hard rockers to country fans, everyone can find a concert at the Meyer Theater this fall and winter. Fall Concert Series  Starting off the fall concert list is Jim Brickman,  who is celebrating 20 years of music making by performing The Platinum Tour. He will be at MCCC at […]