Crime Report for Fall

Crime report for winter


An accident occurred on October 22, in the parking lot behind the C building.

According to a witness, at 10:45 am an older model, dark green, Intrepid was seen backing out of a parking space and into an older, blue Focus behind it.

The driver stopped for a minute, but then drove away without leaving any kind of contact information.

The witness told the reporting officer that he or she noticed that there was a hole in the rear bumper of the Ford Focus. 

A theft of property incident occurred in the Hurd road welding site.

It was stated that on October 3 while class was in session at the Hurd road welding site, items that value over $100 came up missing.

Two sets of grounding and electrode holders made of lead, two spools of welding wire, a microwave oven, and a coffee pot were missing from the site. 


Another incident occurred on Sept. 3, starting in the East Tech parking lot, and ending in the West Tech building. 
While on a routine patrol, an officer was sent to investigate a report of a student who was possibly high on drugs.
The officer talked to the student who had complained and proceeded to look for the girl in question. He searched the parking lot, every classroom in the East Tech building, and the West Tech building before finding the student in a hallway. 
When he found her, the officer asked her what her name was. She would not tell him at first, but after some questioning, she relented, and told the officer her name. 
The girl then walked to the La-Z-Boy Center and found an unknown ride home. 

On Aug. 26, campus security witnessed an accident that occurred by the solar panel area east of campus. 
The reporting officer saw a semi-truck exit the area. The trailer on the truck was too close to a pole at the south end of the driveway. 
According to the officer, someone yelled “You hit it!” The truck backed away from the pole before trying again, hitting and damaging the pole in the process. 
The truck was eventually able to exit the area using another direction. 
It was determined that property was damaged and that a report would have to be made to the college, but no report needed to be filed with the police. 
It was unclear who owns the pole, either DTE or the college. 

A vehcle larceny occurred on Aug. 8 in the parking lot of the La-Z-Boy Center. 

Sometime between 9 a.m. and 12:10 p.m., a blue Ford Escape was broken into by an  unnamed suspect.  
Sixty dollars in cash and a phone charger were taken from the car. The cash was in a grey wallet in the center console of the car. 
The victim stated that her car was unlocked at the time of the theft and she was advised to always lock her car in the future.