Author: Cherie Farley


GSA makes statement using shoes

Shoes lined campus along with signs describing transgender lives lost. If you happened to be walking around campus on Thursday, Nov. 19, it was difficult to ignore the statement by MCCC’s Gay Straight Alliance.  Empty shoes were placed along campus pathways to represent the loss of life in the transgender […]


Fitness fad or fitness drag?

MCCC student Natalie Osment sporting her waist trainer. Are we “waisting” our time with the newest fitness trend of waist trainers? Waist trainers have been around for years, but claim their fame from the use of the Kardashians. Many girls followed and declared the trainers do work. The purpose of […]


Professors list least favorite paper topics

English professor and Writing Center director Tim Dillon When professors pull out the syllabus and mention a paper the students will be writing, there are topics they are tired of seeing. Do not be that person to make your professors roll their eyes.  Many professors agree they are bored of […]


MCCC visits Art Prize Seven

MCCC student Erika Wicker stands next to Krista Schoening’s piece Karma Dahlia II Twenty-nine MCCC students and staff took a bus Oct. 1 to Grand Rapids Art Prize Seven. Art Prize Seven is an art show spread throughout the downtown area in Grand Rapids.  This year there were 162 venues, […]


Women uncover new fight for equality

The Free the Nipple movement was launched by a short film by Lina Esco, and supported by numerous celebrities. The spike in popularity for the Free the Nipple movement seems to have come from Scout Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, who walked around New York topless.  […]


Students have a blast on National Student Day

MCCC students James Burns and James Parriet perform a karaoke duet of “Don’t Stop Believin.”     The sound of karaoke and the smell of popcorn enveloped you soon as you stepped foot into the A Building on Oct. 8. MCCC’s bookstore hosted the fifth annual National Student Day, sponsored […]


Global Studies Program opens new office

Professor Joanna Sabo looks over Trafalger Square in London on MCCC’s most recent study abroad trip, to Western Europe in May 2015. MCCC has created a new Global Studies office, head by Political Science professor Joanna Sabo. Sabo, who also is adviser of the International Studies Club, will be working […]


Is vaping a safe alternative to smoking?

MCCC students seem to be okay with vaping on campus, as long as it's not in the classroom. Is vape a good escape from the slope of cigarette smoke? Monroe area residents who vape seem to agree that vaping is a great decision that helped them stray from cigarette smoking.  […]