GSA makes statement using shoes

Shoes lined campus along with signs describing transgender lives lost.

If you happened to be walking around campus on Thursday, Nov. 19, it was difficult to ignore the statement by MCCC’s Gay Straight Alliance. 
Empty shoes were placed along campus pathways to represent the loss of life in the transgender community in 2015. 
There also were signs accompanying the shoes displaying causes of death, such as “suffocation” and “being run over multiple times by a vehicle.” 
A display in the A building showed devastating facts about the transgender community, which has suffered greatly this year.
More transgender people were killed in the first six months of this year than in all of 2014, according to the display. So far this year, 75 people were murdered because of their gender identity.
Many people who identify as transgender find themselves homeless. One out of five transgender people will be homeless at some point in their life. 
This event, “Walk a Day in Their Shoes,” was to help transgender people gain more visibility.