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Canceled classes impact students and faculty

Editor’s Note: The printed version of this story included a statement from a student regarding a canceled math class. This was a special topics class (MATH-296-01) that was initially canceled but reinstated. However, the class is not a requirement for graduation at MCCC as stated in the article. The student […]


Campus’ disregard of students is too much

The level of disregard this campus has for its students, faculty and organizations astonishes me more and more each day. From poorly timed construction to lackluster equipment, the learning ability students have on campus is horribly disadvantaged. It is my opinion that the administration of this campus has a vast […]


College night helps students see new opportunities

Close to 50 community colleges, universities and vocational schools gathered on campus Oct. 8 to show local students future opportunities. MCCC’s College Night is an event open to all ages but is most popular among late high school students and early college students. Booths are set up with representatives from […]


Pokémon GO Lacks PokéStops at MCCC

Hey, look over there, it’s Pikachu! If you heard that and immediately went for your phone, there’s a good chance you play Pokémon GO, the new augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo and Niantic. The game’s popularity has been riding high since its launch at the beginning of summer. MCCC […]


MCCC solar and beyond

  According to Babycz the solar panels will give students a chance to do field work, design, and sales. MCCC students installed solar panels on campus for use in the Renewable Energy program. Alex Babycz, MCCC professor of Construction Management Technology, coordinated the process. All of the parts were sourced […]


Administrators side with transfer faculty

After months of deliberation by faculty, Math 151 will be a general education requirement for most students hoping to earn an Associate’s Degree at MCCC. A laboratory science also will be included as a general education requirement. In a rare occurrence, MCCC President Kojo Quartey and Vice President of Instruction […]


Long bus routes challenging

MCCC student Julia Sneed does not have the privilege of going straight home after her classes. “With all the transfers and everything, it takes about an hour and a half,” she said. The Lake Erie Transit bus schedule has proven inefficient for many students. Students living in downtown Monroe have […]


Older students bring new perspective

Community colleges attract students from all walks of life, often ranging in age from 19 to 69, each with their own unique experiences. Older students can sometimes be the friendliest classmates. They didn’t grow up in an age where everyone texted instead of talked; they’re not afraid to be chatty. […]


Generation Y forgotten or careless

Graphic designed by Darryl White Those born in the 1990s and into the millennial years are said to be the least active in political history. According to MCCC History Professor Edmond La Clair, participation by young people is at an all-time low. “Besides 2008 for the Obama election, participation is […]


Enrollment continues to slide

(Editor's note: The final enrollment figures for the Fall 2014 semester have since been released by Tracy Vogt. The official headcount number is 3,482 which is a 7.8 percent decline in enrollment. The number of credit hours being taken is 29,571 which is a 9.9 decrease in hours since last […]