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Generation Y forgotten or careless

Graphic designed by Darryl White Those born in the 1990s and into the millennial years are said to be the least active in political history. According to MCCC History Professor Edmond La Clair, participation by young people is at an all-time low. “Besides 2008 for the Obama election, participation is […]


Enrollment continues to slide

(Editor's note: The final enrollment figures for the Fall 2014 semester have since been released by Tracy Vogt. The official headcount number is 3,482 which is a 7.8 percent decline in enrollment. The number of credit hours being taken is 29,571 which is a 9.9 decrease in hours since last […]


Minimum wage, how high is too high?

Tristen Wilhelm is apposed to a minimum wage increase, she thinks it will cause inflation. Michigan’s minimum wage increased this week to $8.15, and eventually will rise to $9.25, but not everyone is thrilled. Tristen Wilhelm, who is a freshman at the college, thinks the increase could lead to inflation. […]