Campus’ disregard of students is too much

The level of disregard this campus has for its students, faculty and organizations astonishes me more and more each day.

From poorly timed construction to lackluster equipment, the learning ability students have on campus is horribly disadvantaged.

It is my opinion that the administration of this campus has a vast disconnect from who they work for — students.

The goal of the college is supposedly student focused, however, I see a microscope pointed away from students.

Their microscope is too busy focusing on keeping an image, trying so desperately to look like a diamond, instead of focusing on its short comings and creative ways to improve.

We are our own worst critics, but if something does not adequately listen to criticism nor does it critique itself it is doomed to fail — or at the very least never improve.

I hope the Higher Learning Committee that came to the college to evaluate accreditation had harsh words on the state of the college.

Even more so, I hope the college actually paid attention.