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MCCC enacts 3-week shift to online courses

The beginning of the Fall 2020 Semester saw a large shift toward online or blended courses for MCCC because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, in response to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services emergency order on Nov. 15, all classes at MCCC have ceased on-campus meetings and continued […]


La Clair voices students’ concerns

An MCCC professor is taking the pledge to be student focused very seriously. On Nov. 19, Edmund La Clair, assistant professor of history, presented the Faculty Council a tentative list of student issues that he has collected from faculty and students. The council did not take action on the list […]


Campus’ disregard of students is too much

The level of disregard this campus has for its students, faculty and organizations astonishes me more and more each day. From poorly timed construction to lackluster equipment, the learning ability students have on campus is horribly disadvantaged. It is my opinion that the administration of this campus has a vast […]


Pokémon GO Lacks PokéStops at MCCC

Hey, look over there, it’s Pikachu! If you heard that and immediately went for your phone, there’s a good chance you play Pokémon GO, the new augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo and Niantic. The game’s popularity has been riding high since its launch at the beginning of summer. MCCC […]


Prof wants Mac lab for design students

Students work on Windows-based computers in a Graphics Design class taught by Professor Bradley Hesser. Currently all graphic design students at  MCCC are using the Windows 8 operating system for their classes.  But Bradley Hesser, associate professor of Graphic Design, believes bringing a Mac Lab to campus would give students […]


The Cellar is Open; grand opening planned

Caption Student government is hosting a Cellar grand-opening party. After months of construction and repair, The Cellar is finally open again. Tuesday Dec. 9 from 11a.m. to 3p.m. there will be music and food provided by student government. Tacos and water will be available for $1 and there will be […]