Author: Todd Salisbury


MCCC to host study abroad meeting

The Study Abroad Program is scheduled to hold an informational meeting Feb. 18 and 20. The meetings will be held at 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. in room 165 of the Gerald Welch Health Education Building. The Study Abroad Program is scheduled to spend nine days visiting London and Paris […]

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Quiz Answers

Answers to Black History Month Quiz See Feb. 3 issue of the Agora    A. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.    A. Harriet Tubman    A. Thurgood Marshall    A. Marcus Garvey    B. 14th Amendment    C. 1954    D. Greensboro, North Carolina    B. Maya Angelou    D. […]


‘UR FUN’ was not fun for my expectations

With a very select style of pop dominating the mainstream music scene, indie pop releases seem to go under the radar. Of Montreal is a band that debuted in 1996 and has incorporated elements of 1960’s psychedelic pop, indie rock, indie pop, alternative punk and dance rock through the years. […]


‘Because the Internet’ lasts through decade

With the decade over, it was time for me to reflect on my favorite album that dropped in the last 10 years. There were many options through the genres. A decade is a long time, especially for music. From rock to alternative, indie to K-pop, my music taste grew exponentially. […]


A $5 crisis

When you are used to receiving a discount, the sight of that discount being taken away is scary. My scare was being off the Spotify Student discount. The thought of coughing up the ungodly amount of $9.99 a month plus tax — an amount which didn’t include Hulu and Showtime […]


MCCC graduates new class of nurses

MCCC’s Registered Nursing Program alumni base grew Dec. 18. 25 students were pinned as registered nurses at Meyer Theater Wednesday night in front of a crowd of over 50 people. “While I’m sure many of you wondered whether you were going to live through nursing school, you did,” said Kimberly […]


Campus hosts therapy dogs during finals

Over five therapy dogs were brought to campus Dec. 12 for the annual Furry Finals event. The event was held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the A Building and hosted Therapy Dogs International Chapter 307. “We visit folks to de-stress and calm people down,” said Stephanie Suydam, a […]


Spotify algorithm misses the note

Spotify is great! It tracks your music tendencies and then tells you how your year’s music flowed using a complicated algorithm.  This is great — unless you share your account or do album reviews for a newspaper. Unfortunately, I shared my account in 2018, then started to do album reviews […]


Email: a business’s and a hacker’s best tool of living

Spam can be dangerous. Not the meat in a can — spam emails. Email is a powerful tool created in the 20th century, but every tool with good intentions can be corrupted or misused. Jason Young, a system and security administrator, said spam is a broad term. “Generally, when you […]


La Clair voices students’ concerns

An MCCC professor is taking the pledge to be student focused very seriously. On Nov. 19, Edmund La Clair, assistant professor of history, presented the Faculty Council a tentative list of student issues that he has collected from faculty and students. The council did not take action on the list […]