My self quarantine

Hey guys!

Currently, the world seems to be in a tail spin due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Recently the Agora staff and I had gone to New York City.

We were in NYC for the annual College Media Association event where we learn from and speak with professional media members, other professors and for advisers to meet and learn new teaching methods.

Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding the virus changed after our departure when we were in NYC.

Even with precaution taken during our trip and leaving a day early, the staff has been advised by our college to enter self quarantines in case anyone has contracted the COVID-19 virus.

The recommended time of quarantine is two weeks, something I plan to follow.

I figured since I am stuck at home — mostly in my room because I have an older mother who is at higher risk of contraction — I would start a blog about my day to day quarantine.



March 26, 2020

Day 13

I have today and tomorrow before I am done with my two week quarantine.

This has been the longest two weeks of my life, aside from when I was sick from Rotavirus in elementary school.

At least this time I am not sick.

Honestly, this blog is what kept me on track for where I was on the quarantine timeline.

Some mornings I’ve woken up not knowing what the day was. Time really does blend together.

Despite not being totally isolated from people, the lack of social contact is a bit much.

Most of my interaction is through screens. I type or text responses.

I notice my vocal cords get dry and sore the few days I have had spoken conversation with people.

Not that I talk a lot normally, but going from daily conversations with Agora staff, coworkers and friends to some days only saying “Hey” to my mom is a major difference.

I think many people are going to lose their voice after after the first day filled with talking to friends when the world resumes a more normal lifestyle!



March 23, 2020

Day 10

I still feel fine!

My health is doing great. My mom also is in good health and has continued to go to work.

I have talked with my staff and everyone seems to be doing well.

Surprisingly, I have not gained weight either.

With as much Frosted Flakes and noodle bowls I have eaten, I was shocked.

But, I should assume my weight will start reflecting this and have decided to work on toning my abdomen by doing sit ups. I also believe doing push ups will benefit me as well.

Aside from health and my new fitness journey, classes are beginning again in the new online format.

It will be difficult transitioning because I do most of my work on campus to help keep me focused.

Despite this, I already had good grades this semester which lets me breathe a bit easier. I am sure I will do fine anyway, but the cushion is nice.

Nothing drastic has happened from day six to 10 except my truck needing new parts, which I wrote about in a separate article.

Read “Kindness prevails through pandemic”

Things have been quiet at the Salisbury homestead.



March 19, 2020

Day 6

The outside world is coming to a halt, but with technology it hasn’t.

The world is still moving.

As I go through emails from professors regarding classes being switched to online and listen to radio stations broadcasting from home life is still resembling a slight normalcy.

The Detroit Lions are still making bird brain moves during the NFL free agency. Sports radio broadcaster Mike Valenti is still tearing them apart.

Sophia glances at me as I take a photo of her. She stretched out and yawned following the photo.

Yea COVID-19 news updates come in during the show and Valenti’s anger and fire towards topics is dulled due to the seriousness of the global pandemic, but I still get an escape from the situation.

Thankfully, I still feel great!

Average time for symptoms to develop is usually five days. Being on day six is a mental relief.

I am not staying in my room as much and have been going outside when the sun is out to get fresh air.

I still have to take precaution, but being this far without any issue is a positive.

Another thing I have noticed is how relaxed my dog Sophia is.

She has been sprawled out on my bed as if its her job.

Sophia is truly spoiled.



March 16, 2020

Day 3

I skipped posting yesterday to gather thoughts and there was nothing major to say.

My war chest of nonperishable food items and my main defense against the COVID-19 virus.

Yesterday, my mom went grocery shopping so I am stocked with more than a jug of water four years past expiration.

Thankfully she hooked me up with mini ravioli, more ramen bowls and a half gallon of milk.

I needed the milk for Frosted Flakes.

Other than my unhealthy diet my health is still fine, which I am thankful for.

I don’t seem to have symptoms.

The only thing that is bugging me is lack of movement and action.

Action today consisted of stretching and yawning while laying in bed with my dog Sophia.

However, I was productive.

Some time was spent sitting on the phone, emailing and figuring out what to do for the Agora moving forward.

Emails from other professors came too, discussing how the class will operate for the time being.

I never signed up for online classes because I’ve struggled staying on-top of school work when stuck at home.

The only comparison I have is when I broke my jaw at the start of the Fall 2016 semester and was at home or the hospital for a few weeks.

Despite falling behind, I made it through that debacle with passing grades.

This will be easier if I don’t have the virus.

March 14, 2020

Day 1

This is the first time I have really had to go through something so hectic and nerve wracking.

I just called my place of employment and let them know my current situation.

Thankfully, they agree with siding on the air of caution and have let me give away my shift this week. Next week they would like to be updated so we know how to act moving forward.

One of the two masks I have broken.

As of right now I feel alright.

We are roughly 24 hours since removing ourselves from NYC. Only about 13 days to go.

My mom has brought to my door a garbage bag, a jug of water that expired in 2016, a bowl of ramen noodles and some drinks.

I am stocked with plastic cups, mini plates and napkins that were put in a Ziploc bag after my sister’s 2015 baby shower.

Thankfully, I still had my mini fridge and microwave from the semester I spent at Western Michigan University. Both work great and have been in my room.

I’ve already broken two masks… great.

Aside from that, mentally I feel safer at home in isolation.

However, I do worry about my staff and my adviser, as well as their families.