We must learn how to press ‘enter’

As our classes have been online for some time now, the amount of reading students must complete has skyrocketed.

I am not an avid reader.

Reading is hard for me to focus on.

What makes my focus even worse is people not breaking their text into separate paragraphs.

I am in a class that uses the discussion boards on Brightspace often.

One thing I have noticed in the forums is the overwhelming amount of block text I find myself having to sift through.

Every time I open a topic discussion and see a wall of text, I sigh.

A small tear may even fall from my eye on the harder days.

“Does their ‘enter’ key not work?” I ask myself.

The font size of the text on Brightspace is fairly large, but having to search for the core idea or message that lies within a brick of words is painful.

I could not imagine being a professor who has to sit and read each discussion board posting. I would be bald.

The number of bricks of text professors must see could build them a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home that would sell on the market for $185,000.

The part I still do not understand is why my generation, millennials or the youngsters after me are not pressing ‘enter.’

I remember taking computer class in fourth grade and using “Type to Learn” to understand the keyboard.

The button I learned the most about was the ‘enter’ key.

Typing a line of text and then pressing ‘enter’ is such a soothing feeling.

Instead of sifting through an endless brick of text, ‘enter’ creates distinct, manageable cubes of thought. It’s easier on the eyes and the mind.

‘Enter’ is like that nice warmth on a sunny spring day.

‘Enter’ is the king of the keyboard!