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GSA event promotes student inclusivity

With finals on the way and deadlines approaching, students around the campus have been studying and writing the night away. But on Saturday, students and professors were able to play games and enjoy some delicious snacks with friends.  The Pride Party was hosted by the GSA – Gender Sexuality Alliance- […]


Gay Straight Alliance signs stolen

Seven signs promoting the Gay Straight Alliance like this one were stolen during the last few days. Seven Gay Straight Alliance signs were stolen off campus between the Candlelight Vigil on Sept. 12 and the Tuesday after.  The signs were placed to promote membership in the club, which works to […]


Candlelight vigil brings tears, hope

After listening to several speakers, participants in the Suicide Awareness/Prevention Candlelight Vigil went outside to light their candles. The Suicide Awareness/Prevention Candlelight Vigil, sponsored by the Gay Straight Alliance, took place on Friday evening amid a small crowd of tearful mourners and survivors "I honestly feel like this event will […]