Author: Will Johnson

Employees working remotely

Partial network outage affects work at MCCC

A software update caused a partial internet network outage Wednesday, resulting in some classes being canceled and some faculty moving their work to other places on campus. Rick Hubbert, Communication Network and system administrator, said the outage was the result of a bug during regular maintenance. “A routine update of […]


Leon Letter receives Enriching Lives Award

Leon Letter, dean of Business, was awarded the summer 2022 Enriching Lives Performance Award at the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday Sept. 26. The Enriching Lives Performance Award is given each semester to recognize an employee based on their commitment and how they incorporate MCCC’s “Mission, Vision, and Values” […]

Tom collecting ballots for sg meeting

Tom Ryder retires from MCCC

A part of MCCC’s story has ended as of Wednesday, Aug 31. Following 36 years of employment at the college, Coordinator of Campus & Community Events and Student Activities, Tom Ryder retired. During his time at MCCC, he was synonymous with the college’s Student Government, having taken the position of […]


William Johnson, News Editor

My name is William Johnson, and this is my third year at MCCC. I am the Agora’s news editor, and I am studying for a journalism degree. I started at MCCC as an accounting student, and received my associate degree, but changed directions after joining the Agora and realizing how […]