Leon Letter receives Enriching Lives Award

Leon Letter was awarded the Summer 2022 Enriching Lives Performance Award.

Leon Letter, dean of Business, was awarded the summer 2022 Enriching Lives Performance Award at the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday Sept. 26.

The Enriching Lives Performance Award is given each semester to recognize an employee based on their commitment and how they incorporate MCCC’s “Mission, Vision, and Values” into their daily work life.

The Employee Engagement Committee, a group consisting of Barry Kinsey, Linda Marsh, Joe Verkennes, and Penny Dorcey, accepts nominations each semester to recognize an employee that is deemed worthy of this award.

Barry Kinsey, director of Workforce Development and member of the Employee Engagement Committee, presented Letter with the award.

“Leon has been a breath of fresh air since arriving on campus less than one year ago.” Kinsey said, “He has embraced his role as dean of the Business Division and has welcomed Corporate and Community Services as part of the Business Division.”

“Leon has the students’ best interest in mind.” Kinsey said, “He is working to revitalize programs and looking to start new ones.”

Letter expressed his surprise in winning the award.

“I was completely shocked.” Letter said, “I was not expecting it, I wasn’t even expecting to ever be nominated.”

“I just basically treat what I do everyday as my job, and the stuff I do, I don’t do it by myself. This college works as a team. What I do, I have support from faculty, I have support from my staff, from Erika,” Letter said of Erika Hunt, his assistant. “I have staff from the non-credit side, I have people there working for me.”

“My accomplishments are not just my accomplishments, they’re a team effort. They’ve always been a team effort.” Letter said, “I just happen to get recognized for it, but it’s not my recognition, because I can’t do it by myself. So that recognition really does belong to my whole team, and everyone at the college who’s helped us do what we’ve done.”